What is ‘White Hat’ SEO?

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In search engine optimization, white hat is the term used for the practices that drive traffic toward a website in an organic, natural way, focusing on the experience offered to the members of the website’s target audience. White hat practices drive long-time benefits, even though the results do not come overnight. Here are some examples:

  • Offering a high-quality website – the best example of white hat SEO is the creation of a website that offers properly structured, informative, relevant and original content. Structuring the contents around keywords relevant for the business, ensuring fast loading times and using responsive design that makes the website’s pages equally attractive when accessed through desktop computers and via mobile devices are great methods used by GFF professionals;


  • Using social media – using the social media profile created for the business for communicating directly with the company’s target audience is another good example;
  • E-mail marketing – this method is based on the consent of the internet user to receive marketing e-mails. Building an e-mail list and using it to inform your target group about your promotions or events is also an efficient white hat tactic that allows you to reach out directly to your existing or potential clients and to convert visitors to your website into customers.


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