What is Re-targeting and How it Can Boost More Sales

Sep 21, 2020Internet Marketing0 comments

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Re-targeting represents online advertising focused on targeting users based on their previous actions relevant for your business. This form of behavioral marketing is particularly helpful to keep your brand visible and get back in touch with users.

You must know that only 2% of web traffic actually converts users into customers, right from their first visit. This is where re-marketing becomes so relevant, as it can help businesses to reach more than 95% of users who have not yet taken a desired action (purchase, registration, etc.).

Re-marketing is simply based on cookies that uses an anonymous JavaScript code to “track” the public all over the web. This way, platforms such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn etc.  are able to recognize this cookie, when a user who visited the site, browses the Internet.

Thanks to this technology, these platforms can display advertising banners of the same brand to the same users. Denver SEO companies confirm re-targeting effectiveness because it focuses investments in advertising on people who are already familiar with the brand, and who have recently shown interest.

These campaigns have a much higher ROI (return of investment) than campaigns made on other digital channels. Email marketing (newsletter and DEM) and mobile marketing are essential tools for re-marketing, because the customer feels personally targeted.


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