What is Organic SEO?

Jul 27, 2019SEO0 comments

When you search for something on Google (or other search engines) you will get two types of results: organic and paid.

Organic SEO

Let`s suppose that a certain company develops web applications and provides web design services, If someone looks for those services, and the company`s website appears among the first results, it means that it has a well-optimized site which ensures a good ranking among the results of the search. A well established Denver SEO company can help you optimize your website. Be aware that offering services or products for the lowest prices will not put you automatically on the first page of searches. What you sell is one thing and how your site is made and optimized is another thing and has nothing to do with the first.

The position in SERP (Search Engine Results Page) depends on several factors, and the sum of these factors actually means optimizing a site.

Denver SEO company

Results Paid Through AdWords

The results of people`s searches also include paid results, apart from organic results, such as ads, commercials, video clips, images… All these are usually marked with “Ad” or “AdWords”.

In this case, site optimization is not important; what matters the most is how much is paid for the ad’s appearance. Another criterion is the relevance of the ad for that search.


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