What is Organic SEO?

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Organic SEO is a complex marketing strategy that uses multiple forms of unpaid advertising, aimed at naturally improving a website’s ranking on search engines and at attracting more visitors to the website in hope of convincing them to become customers.

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Unlike non-organic SEO, that relies heavily on paid ads and quick results the beneficial effects last short, organic SEO does not bring results overnight, but the results that it does deliver are highly appreciated by search engines and rewarded with improved rankings that last. A Denver SEO firm designs an organic campaign, usually starting with the creation of the profile of the website’s targeted audience, followed by the selection and the implementation of the right methods to reach out to that audience. Organic SEO techniques include ensuring that the pages of the website are aesthetically pleasing and working flawlessly on desktop computers as well as on mobile devices and publishing high-quality, unique and relevant content that is optimized around the most relevant keywords, not only on the website, but across several channels, including social networking platforms. The process usually involves indexing not only for text content, but for the images and videos used on the website and on other channels as well as technical tools, such as optimizing page load time to ensure a great user experience, too.


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