What is a Content Marketing?

Dec 25, 2019Digital Marketing0 comments

Content marketing is the marketing approach to advertise products and services through creating and publishing content that is relevant, consistent, unique and valuable, content that delivers the marketer’s message to potential and existent clients and customers. The content is published in various media, including mostly, but not only digital platforms and websites.

SEO Denver marketing campaigns

The contents included in SEO Denver marketing campaigns can be varied and not all of them are related strictly to the actual products and services of the marketer. In most cases, many of the marketer’s contents serve the purpose of sharing relevant information with potential or existing clients and customers, the purpose of building the image that the marketer wants to project and of attracting customer attention to the marketer’s standards of value and mission. Besides the contents published to actually advertise the products or services offered by the marketer, content marketing mixes can and should include lots of other types of contents, such as articles or posts that help customers solve a problem they are frequently faced with or contents that share other types of helpful information, such as market trend evaluations. The content shared can take many forms, from texts and images to videos, from newsletters to inform customers of promotions or important events to magazine articles, interviews and PR releases.


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