What Are the Different Personalities of Online Social Media Platforms

Nov 16, 2019Digital Marketing0 comments

When Facebook exploded on the web, there used to be only a handful of social media platforms available. Most of them had to do with online dating and actual socializing, although some were already geared towards marketing. However, that concept didn’t really catch on so much until Facebook decided to take it up themselves.

The main point is that each social media platform is unique, and now that there are so many of them, it’s important to choose the right ones, whether you want to meet friends or sell products.

The important thing to remember is to set a clear list of goals and stick to them. What do you need from your social media platform? By answering that question, you’ll have a head start during your search.

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The different personalities of social media platforms can differ depending on what their aim is. Platforms like OkCupid focus on matching people up romantically, but they’re also fun if you just want to take a quiz. Facebook and Twitter focus more on getting people to talk to each other like in an interactive forum, but with intelligent posts, quotes, memes, animated gifs, videos and snappy comebacks. Pinterest on the other hand focuses more on images, media and visual stimuli. It’s a great place to set up shop and expect people to buy from you. Social media platforms can also support business branding and objectives. A local Denver SEO agency can help you make decisions to fit your business needs and budget.

Depending on what you need, you can explore all these social media platforms and many others, until you find the right one.


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