What are Meta Tags

Feb 6, 2021SEO0 comments

Meta tags represent HTML codes and are displayed in the page header (after the TITLE tag). These tags contain information for search engines and are not visible in a browser.

Google claims that Meta tags are not a positioning factor. However, they indirectly influence the performance of the site and play an important role in terms of click-through rate. Meta tags are displayed on the user results page. If they are well optimized and have a good call-to-action they can influence users to click, which Google takes into account to rank a site. The more clicks your site gets, and users find your pages interesting, the more likely it is to get top positions in Google searches. Google can also use Meta tags to determine which snippets to display to users. These appear below the Meta description and may include price information, other pages on the site, reviews etc.

Denver SEO

If you want to have the best possible position in search results with certain keywords, Meta tag optimization is not the only thing you need to focus on. Denver SEO analysts confirm that the content you offer to users must be of the highest quality, and the popularity you have in the online environment must be as high as possible.



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