Top 3 Reasons Why Online Reviews Matter

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In today’s world, our customers are educated, informed, and they do an abundance of online review research when making all buying decisions.  It does not matter if they are purchasing a toy for their child, buying a new refrigerator, looking for a new doctor, or anything in between, they are gathering facts to make the most sensible and informed decision. Experts say that 90% of buying customers report that their decisions are influenced by, positive and negative, online reviews.   Your online reputation not only determines consumer buying practices, it also helps boost your online presence.  How?  Read on to see the top 3 reasons why your reviews matter to your business.

  1.  Exposure-This is the most important reason why reviews matter. Google has updated the map layout on page one making customer reviews more prominent.  Google maps returns the top 3 rated businesses in the maps section.  This means that even if your business is on page 2 or 3 when people search for you or your product, you could have a first page appearance if your businesses’ reviews are the highest-rated.
  2. Increased Revenue– Let’s face it…we all want to increase our revenue. With individuals more likely to purchase a product or service that others recommend, your star rating will offer additional information for people to make informed decisions and choose you over your competiton!
  3. Feedback – Reading the reviews that others write about your business can help you better understand your customer. What do they like and dislike? What do they say about your customer service? You might find out that there is a service failure that you were unaware of and you can address the issue publicly and immediately.

There is no doubt that all business owners who want to promote their online presence must view their reviews and star rating are a critical piece of the puzzle. Are people talking about your business?  What are they saying and where are they talking?

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