Top 3 Black Hat SEO Techniques to Avoid in 2021

Jul 18, 2021SEO0 comments

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Search engine results page rankings are essential indicators of a website’s success – the higher the ranking, the wider the exposure of the website and the wider the exposure, the higher the number of the website’s visitors. From the point of view of approval by search engines, there are two types of techniques aimed at improving search engine rankings: White hat techniques used by a Denver SEO agency with integrity, are considered legitimate and appreciated by search engines.  Black hat techniques that might seem like a quick fix, are disapproved of by search engines. Here are some methods from the latter category that you should avoid:

  • Publishing duplicate content – when a search is launched by an internet user, search engines crawl your website to look for relevant content. If they find duplicate content, they will ignore any content that is not unique and will penalize the website with worse rankings;
  • Keyword stuffing – repeating the same keyword too many times within the same content, even in places where it lacks relevance also leads to worse rankings;
  • Fluffy, irrelevant guest posts – guest posting is a great tool to improve search engine rankings, but only if the posts reflect expertise, if they are relevant and helpful for the members of the community. Anything of a lesser quality will lead to decreased rankings.


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