Tips for Writing a Great Online Review

May 20, 2020Reputation Management0 comments

tips from GFF for writing a quality online review

Writing a great online review might not seem like a very difficult task – after all, you only have to formulate your opinion about a product or a service, then publish the text. However, a well-written online review follows very specific rules – Get Found Fast marketing specialists at https://getfoundfast.com/ offer some guidelines below about how you can make your text really useful:

  • Make your feedback constructive – your review should be fair, describing positive as well as negative features (every product and service has some of either). If you can propose solutions, include them, too;
  • Be polite – even negative feedback can be formulated in a way that does not hurt anyone, so make your positive and negative reviews equally polite;
  • Don’t include personal info, such as names;
  • Check and double-check that the URLs and the facts that you provide in your review are accurate – a reliable review must contain reliable information;
  • Be specific – it is not a good idea to provide only a general assessment of a company’s products or services. A good review is about a specific product or service, about a specific situation, so make sure that you speak only about that and don’t jump to unfounded conclusions;
  • Proofread your review before publishing – typos and grammar mistakes are embarrassing to leave in your text and will ruin your reputation as a good writer, too.


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