Tips for Effective SEO Content Strategies

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Many website owners choose to fill their pages with random content, created without any previous research and without developing a long-term strategy first. The method is likely to lead to failure – if you want to avoid that, here are some tried and true Denver SEO firm content strategies that will really work:

  • Determine your goals – determining what your product or brand is about, defining what makes that brand or product unique in its niche should be your first step. Take your time to figure it all out – your definition will determine the direction of your SEO content strategy and all the subsequent process steps;
  • Define your target audience – knowing the group that you want to talk to, knowing what the members of that group like and do, what they resonate to is the next important step;
  • Keyword research – research broad terms, niche-specific terms and terms that describe your unique approach, then put it all together;
  • Start creating content – you will need unique content for your website and unique content to be used on other websites and platforms, depending on the elements that you want to include into your strategy. The content you publish on your brand’s social media profiles will have to be different from the articles or the forum entries that you post.


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