The Role of an SEO Account Manager

Dec 22, 2019Reputation Management0 comments

Denver SEO agency account manager

The Denver SEO agency account manager is an individual who is responsible for optimizing the search results for the client websites that are being promoted through digital techniques. The account manager is likely to have education in the field of marketing, especially digital marketing and possesses in-depth knowledge of the techniques available for achieving the customer’s digital advertising goals, is able to select the marketing mix that best suits those goals and will manage the implementation of the SEO strategy.

Your SEO account manager will come up with various methods to use to make your company website appear in the top ten or on the first page of results pages on the search engines of choice. The tools that your account manager is likely to recommend will include tactics in the field of pay-per-clock advertising, content marketing methods that use e-mails, articles, posts shared through blogs and forums, social media advertising and other link building strategies. The account manager will also monitor the efficiency of your SEO campaign by regularly checking the metrics retrieved based on the key performance indicators determined during the campaign planning and development phase. In case one or several of the marketing tactics used in your strategy don’t deliver the expected results, your SEO manager will also make recommendations regarding the replacement of those components with more efficient ones.


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