The Different Personalities of Each Social Media Network

Apr 27, 2021Social Media Marketing0 comments

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Major social media networks have millions or billions of users, people of all ages and interests. While it is easy to see why social networking sites are so important for the success of any website, using the platforms for boosting website visibility can bring the expected success only if the social media campaign is preceded by research about the personality of the ideal follower. Here are the most common personality types identified by researchers:

  • Leaders – these people are the content creators on any networking platform. They are the ones who share their opinions all the time, whether positive or negative, and the ones who have the power to influence the opinions of others;
  • Likers – these people usually do not create content, but they express their opinions through likes and short comments. The group of Likers is more numerous than that of Leaders, therefore they represent a power that is not to be neglected in any social media campaign;
  • Lurkers – these people usually spend a lot of time on social media, but they prefer to observe and to keep their opinion to themselves;
  • Loners – these people use the internet, but they do not have social media profiles. They are numerous, too, therefore your SEO campaign needs to include channels other than social media to be able to reach out to them.

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