Terminology to Know About Digital Marketing

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If you are a newcomer in the world of digital marketing, you have surely encountered terms that need some explanation. Here are some important terms that are used all the time and their meaning:

  • Lead generation – this process is the sum of the tactics used for attracting potential new customers and for converting them into loyal customers;
  • Search engine optimization – the strategy used by competitive SEO Denver agencies for increasing your website’s visibility on search engines. It involves on-page optimization, meaning the creation of relevant content for your website that also observes certain rules imposed by search engine algorithms and off-page optimization that uses various techniques to drive traffic toward your website from other websites;
  • Search engine advertising – the method involves the usage of paid ads that appear in the top section of results pages for the keywords that you are targeting. The solution is great for launching promotions when you need to act fast and get sales fast as well;
  • Responsive design – most internet users today use their mobile devices to search for content. Responsive website design is the technique of creating a website that displays flawlessly on any device, therefore an excellent way to attract mobile users to your website.

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