Why Keyword Optimization Is Crucial to a Successful Ad Campaign

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Digital marketing campaigns, whatever their goal and type, ultimately revolve around keywords – whether you choose to start an organic SEO process or you are looking for faster results through a targeted campaign, such as pay per click, keyword optimization needs to be part of the process. Here is why it is so important for success:

  • Help to provide effective content – selecting the keywords that are the most relevant for your niche is an essential task not only within your campaign, but also for the phase of content creation. Your selection of keywords should guide not only the creation of your text content, but also the creation of other types of contents, such as your images, graphics, charts and videos;
  • A deeper understanding of audience behavior – A talented Denver SEO firm can research the best keywords for you to reveal what your audience is interested in, as well as about the content type and style that appeals to them;
  • Metrics and measurements – keyword research can also help you gauge the size of your audience and will help you anticipate the amount of traffic that one keyword or another can attract to your website;
  • Help with your social media campaign – using the right keywords strategically in your social media profile can help you find and benefit from all marketing opportunities.

Should You Handle Your Own Keyword Optimization for SEO?

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Search engine optimization might have started as a simple technique back in the 1990’s, but over the decades, it evolved along with the world wide web itself, to become a very complex process by today. While there is no reason why you could not learn the ins, outs and intricacies of good SEO, the process is likely to take years, so that would be in many ways like repairing your own car – you could do it, but the learning phase will surely be long. Fortunately, there are many experienced Denver SEO company specialists who could help you – here are the benefits of hiring an expert Denver SEO firm :

  • A selection of the right techniques – SEO is a huge set of techniques, allowing marketers to choose the methods that best work for them. Your SEO specialist will know exactly what works for your business and what doesn’t, so with a professional, you can be sure that you will not waste time and money with inefficient techniques;
  • Permanent monitoring – your specialist will regularly check the relevant metrics to see which of your SEO techniques perform well and which are the ones that should be replaced. Your expert will also make recommendations for and implement the right changes.

The Benefits of Integrating Google My Business into Your SEO Strategy

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The Google My Business app is an excellent, free tool provided by the search engine giant to help businesses manage their online presence and attract more traffic. An in demand Denver SEO firm confirms that the tool is easy to use and brings lots of benefits – here are some:

  • A boost for local SEO efforts – whenever you search for a product or service available in your area using Maps, you will see several results displayed on the left side. These are all matches taken from Google My Business, profiles created by local businesses for a section where you can appear as well;
  • Appearing on the map, too – your business will appear not only on results panel, but on the map as well, at the address you enter for your business, allowing your customers to navigate to your premises easily;
  • Allowing people to leave ratings and reviews – most people check the ratings and reviews received by the business they are planning to use. Google My Business makes it quick and easy for internet users to add ratings and reviews about the businesses they found through GMB and it also allows business owners to react to those reviews and ratings, making it possible to start and to maintain a conversation with their audience.

Will Google My Business Help You Rank Higher in Other Search Engines?

Google My Business is a free service created by Google to help local businesses get more exposure, making the Google My Business profile you create for your enterprise an excellent tool to gain visibility on the search engine. However, Google is not the only search engine that you should focus on – Bing, Yahoo and Baidu are also important platforms that should not be disregarded.

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Most important search engines and some upcoming ones offer services similar to Google My Business. Google is certainly dominating the market, but with so many people using other platforms and with most of these platforms offering their own, equally user-friendly local search tools, it would be a pity not to benefit from the advertising opportunities available. Some search engines, including Bing and Yahoo, offer the option to import Google My Business profiles with a few clicks, saving you time by not requiring you to create business profiles each time you start include a new search engine into your campaign. Premier Denver SEO firm experts confirm that search engines usually have their own criteria and algorithms to rank websites, but the principles they used are roughly the same as in the case of Google and the ranking already achieved by your profile on Google will also be taken into consideration on the new search engine.

How To Use Design to Get More Leads from Landing Pages

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Landing pages are essential components of any website – the page to which the visitors are taken after they click on a website URL on the search results page. Being the first page that the visitor sees, the design of the landing page and the content it features is vital for keeping the visitor on the page by raising interest for the other pages of the website. Here are some tips from a competitive Denver SEO firm about how to design an attractive, informative landing page that can efficiently increase your site’s conversion rates:

  • Components of an impactful design – a good landing page is pleasing to the eye, with harmonious colors, possibly the colors that you use in your logo. The layout of the text is also important – you should never cram the page with text and you should pay attention to having clearly differentiated titles for the paragraphs in the text;
  • Use a clear call to action – the goal of the landing page is to engage the visitor and to promote further interaction. Formulate a clear and easy to follow call to action, such as the invitation to subscribe to your newsletter, to download a free trial or to buy your service or product;
  • Make the page easy to use – visitors don’t like entering long texts, so make it easier for them to use your page by adding checkboxes and buttons. Optimizing the page for mobile devices is also very important.

3 of the Best Free Time Tracking Tools In 2021

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Time tracking tools are types of computer programs, applications that allow for recording the time spent by employees performing the tasks they are responsible for and for tracking their performance. In the past, time tracking apps were only available in paid versions, but today, there are many solutions that are available only as free versions or that come in free and paid versions as well. People that work at an amazing Denver SEO firm tell us that these are some of the best free options:

  • Clockify – the platform is among the most popular options, appreciated for the numerous features it offers beside tracking the time spent on certain tasks. The most useful features include detailed reporting and an easy-to-use workforce management module;
  • Toogl Track – designed for freelancers and for businesses that have small teams, this platform comes with a simple, user-friendly dashboard through which the users can track their billable and non-billable hours and where they can also plan their budgets;
  • Harvest – an excellent solution for managing larger teams, the platform can be used for tracking individual projects as well as collaborative work and it comes with a very wide range of integrations. The option also allows for payment tracking, productivity tracking, workflow management and lots of other useful features.

The Truth About Agency Transparency

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If you are planning to hire a media agency to handle your promotions or SEO campaign, knowing how your agency is designing the strategy to use, how the individual tasks and phases are implemented and how the results are measured and guaranteed are all essential. While honest agencies do not keep these details from their clients, it is a good idea to ask for progress reports regularly. Here are some important questions to ask Denver SEO firm representatives to ensure a transparent relationship with them:

  • The strategy – ask for a description regarding the short-term, medium-term and long-term strategy to be implemented to meet the targets that have been set for your campaign;
  • Monthly reports – it is a good idea to request monthly reports about what has been accomplished from the planned tasks and what tasks are planned for the following month. The reports should also include the results accomplished, preferably in the form of metrics, such as the number of website visitors converted into customers, the growth in sales figures
  • An account of the methods used – ask your agency to explain to you why they consider the selected marketing methods appropriate for reaching out to your target audience.

What is Organic SEO?

Organic SEO is a complex marketing strategy that uses multiple forms of unpaid advertising, aimed at naturally improving a website’s ranking on search engines and at attracting more visitors to the website in hope of convincing them to become customers.

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Unlike non-organic SEO, that relies heavily on paid ads and quick results the beneficial effects last short, organic SEO does not bring results overnight, but the results that it does deliver are highly appreciated by search engines and rewarded with improved rankings that last. A Denver SEO firm designs an organic campaign, usually starting with the creation of the profile of the website’s targeted audience, followed by the selection and the implementation of the right methods to reach out to that audience. Organic SEO techniques include ensuring that the pages of the website are aesthetically pleasing and working flawlessly on desktop computers as well as on mobile devices and publishing high-quality, unique and relevant content that is optimized around the most relevant keywords, not only on the website, but across several channels, including social networking platforms. The process usually involves indexing not only for text content, but for the images and videos used on the website and on other channels as well as technical tools, such as optimizing page load time to ensure a great user experience, too.

How to Optimize Your Work Performance

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Many people want to be better at work, and when they fail it is because they are fundamentally wrong about how they approach performance.

The first mistake you make when you want to improve your professional performance is that you only focus on how you invest your time and energy. In an article published by Harvard Business Review, it is said that, in order to increase performance, it is important to focus on how you recharge your energy, not just on how you consume it.

A second mistake people make is that, in order to increase their performance, they focus only on thinking, respectively on their mind. Studies on athletes show that, to be successful, you need to be physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually balanced. In other words, even if you are able to perform even without having a balanced life, you will only be able to reach your maximum potential when you get a good ritual of recharging and consuming energy, on all levels.

Rule 80-20

This rule known as the “Pareto” principle says that 80 percent of your total results or income is earned from 20 percent of your work; in other words, 20 percent of the time you spend every day on your work brings 80 percent of your results. So, what about increasing those 20 percent and get more results? Let Get Found Fast, a top Denver SEO firm, show you how to optimize your 20% time and energy, and boost individual and company results too.

Google Has Rolled Out Its 2020 Core Algorithm Update

Google launches algorithm updates every few days and major, core updates every 3-4 months, both types of updates serving the purpose of improving user experience. While minor updates have effects that for many websites mean only small changes, core updates usually require website owners to perform comprehensive audits and to implement major changes to ensure the desired ranking on the search engine.Denver SEO firm Google launched one core update in May and announced the next one for December. The latest update focused on Expertise-Authoritativeness-Trustworthiness (E-A-T), increasing the ranking of the websites that perform well on all three parameters and decreasing the ranking for the websites that could do better on any or on all three of the parameters. The principle points for improvement for the websites that have seen their rankings fall are content quality, the user experience provided as well as authority and relevance in their field. As searches are moving from keyword-based to semantic, content needs to be more conversational to be considered of high quality, but to be really appreciated by the search engine, competitive Denver SEO firm pros have always known that good quality content also needs to be original, well-researched and reliable. The search engine evaluates the reviews and the comments provided by internet users to determine how authoritative a particular content is and will use the results of the process to rank the website, so only the best sites will get top rankings.