What is Organic SEO?

Organic SEO is a complex marketing strategy that uses multiple forms of unpaid advertising, aimed at naturally improving a website’s ranking on search engines and at attracting more visitors to the website in hope of convincing them to become customers.

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Unlike non-organic SEO, that relies heavily on paid ads and quick results the beneficial effects last short, organic SEO does not bring results overnight, but the results that it does deliver are highly appreciated by search engines and rewarded with improved rankings that last. A Denver SEO firm designs an organic campaign, usually starting with the creation of the profile of the website’s targeted audience, followed by the selection and the implementation of the right methods to reach out to that audience. Organic SEO techniques include ensuring that the pages of the website are aesthetically pleasing and working flawlessly on desktop computers as well as on mobile devices and publishing high-quality, unique and relevant content that is optimized around the most relevant keywords, not only on the website, but across several channels, including social networking platforms. The process usually involves indexing not only for text content, but for the images and videos used on the website and on other channels as well as technical tools, such as optimizing page load time to ensure a great user experience, too.

How to Optimize Your Work Performance

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Many people want to be better at work, and when they fail it is because they are fundamentally wrong about how they approach performance.

The first mistake you make when you want to improve your professional performance is that you only focus on how you invest your time and energy. In an article published by Harvard Business Review, it is said that, in order to increase performance, it is important to focus on how you recharge your energy, not just on how you consume it.

A second mistake people make is that, in order to increase their performance, they focus only on thinking, respectively on their mind. Studies on athletes show that, to be successful, you need to be physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually balanced. In other words, even if you are able to perform even without having a balanced life, you will only be able to reach your maximum potential when you get a good ritual of recharging and consuming energy, on all levels.

Rule 80-20

This rule known as the “Pareto” principle says that 80 percent of your total results or income is earned from 20 percent of your work; in other words, 20 percent of the time you spend every day on your work brings 80 percent of your results. So, what about increasing those 20 percent and get more results? Let Get Found Fast, a top Denver SEO firm, show you how to optimize your 20% time and energy, and boost individual and company results too.

Google Has Rolled Out Its 2020 Core Algorithm Update

Google launches algorithm updates every few days and major, core updates every 3-4 months, both types of updates serving the purpose of improving user experience. While minor updates have effects that for many websites mean only small changes, core updates usually require website owners to perform comprehensive audits and to implement major changes to ensure the desired ranking on the search engine.Denver SEO firm Google launched one core update in May and announced the next one for December. The latest update focused on Expertise-Authoritativeness-Trustworthiness (E-A-T), increasing the ranking of the websites that perform well on all three parameters and decreasing the ranking for the websites that could do better on any or on all three of the parameters. The principle points for improvement for the websites that have seen their rankings fall are content quality, the user experience provided as well as authority and relevance in their field. As searches are moving from keyword-based to semantic, content needs to be more conversational to be considered of high quality, but to be really appreciated by the search engine, competitive Denver SEO firm pros have always known that good quality content also needs to be original, well-researched and reliable. The search engine evaluates the reviews and the comments provided by internet users to determine how authoritative a particular content is and will use the results of the process to rank the website, so only the best sites will get top rankings.

Trends of Digital Marketing 2021

The future of Digital Marketing is certainly heavily influenced by technology. Big data, artificial intelligence automation and smart technologies are changing the way brands analyze customer data and interact with their audiences. Customers are also becoming more experienced and expect more and more personalized content.

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It seems that in order to keep up with the trends and increase conversions in the coming years, an excellent Denver SEO firm substantiates that brands will have to rely more and more on UGS, especially audio and video, in order to distribute it to the target audience.

  1. A/ B Split testing

SEO testing allows a targeted approach to content changes, as it is proven by statistics

  1. Artificial intelligence

AI can analyze consumer behavior and search patterns, and use social media data and blog posts to help companies understand how customers search for products and services.

  1. Algorithmic advertising

Algorithmic advertising means using artificial intelligence to automate ad buying so that you can target an audience as specifically as possible.

  1. Chatbots

Chatbots will continue to be an important part of digital marketing. This AI technology uses instant messaging to communicate in real time, day and night, with customers or site visitors. Surveys show that almost 65% of respondents prefer to exchange messages with chatbots to communicate with the brand. Also, by 2021, it is estimated that 85% of customer service will be provided by chatbots.

Why Online Reviews are Important

The internet is today the go-to source of information for most people looking for reliable sellers of products or providers of services. The process of finding products and services involves not only merely identifying the sellers, but also evaluating the sellers as well as their products or services and that is when online reviews come into the picture: the evaluations submitted by the previous clients of one seller or another play a role that is just important for the final buyer decision as the price or the features of the specific product or service that is being looked for.

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Local Denver SEO firm specialists substantiate that online reviews are important for both parties involved: they are important for the buyer because they provide important information about the quality of the product or the service concerned and they are important for the seller because good reviews can efficiently drive the decision to purchase. The reviews provided by previous customers are also important for determining the ranking obtained by the seller’s website on search engine results pages – a website that gets lots of positive reviews will be appreciated by search engines as well and the better ranking will further increase the website’s visibility, helping it reach out to a continuously widening customer base.

How Do I Make My Site Rank for a Keyword?

Denver SEO firm suggests keyword research strategies

Getting your website to rank for important keywords specific for your line of business is essential for the success of your pages. Here are some tips to make the process more efficient:

  • Take your time to do the research – identifying the keywords that are the most relevant for your website and for your business is an essential step. Make sure that the keywords you are aiming for are relevant, indeed and check your competitors, too, to get some more inspiration;
  • Make sure that the keywords you find relevant actually appear in your content and that they appear correctly – many websites fail because they are trying to rank for keywords that are either missing on the pages or appear too frequently. Denver SEO firm execs suggest you create content that uses the right keywords at the right density, that is the only way to get the ranking you are aiming for;
  • Stay up to date with the changes implemented in search engine algorithms – not paying attention to these changes can send your website to the tenth page overnight, so always update your contents to meet changing requirements;
  • Make your page responsive – implementing a fluid design that allows your pages to display correctly on any device is a great way to improve your website ranking, whatever the keywords you are targeting.

How Digital Marketing Companies are Dealing with COVID

It could be said that digital marketing is the winner of this “COVID age”, because it adapted quite well to the pandemic situation and took advantage of the increased online presence of the public, during this period.

If you are wondering if it makes sense to try to sell anything but food and cleaning/ disinfection products, the answer is YES, unequivocally!

Online traffic, during this period, has grown exponentially. It has grown so much that experts are wondering if networks can cope. Of course, the main “culprits” are streaming services, although the demand increased generally, not just in their case.

But what can we do to ensure that our online marketing budgets are spent exactly as they should be – maximizing ROI?

digital marketing tips from Denver SEO firm experts

Here are some tips from Get Found Fast Denver SEO firm authorities:

  • Invest in maintaining your customer base

Your current customers, especially those who order from you frequently, already trust your business. Target them first, with email and social media campaigns.

  • Social distancing is not for brands

Stay active in the online community you have built so far. Communicate as much as you can and answer questions promptly.

  • Promotes products that have fast delivery

Everything seems to last longer these days, and people do not have patience. If some of your products cannot be delivered quickly, do not invest in promoting them. Instant gratification is what people want these days.

Why People Skills Are Important in Deciding What Digital Agency to Work With

Good people skills are essential in many areas of life, hiring any kind of service provider included. Here is why the ability to communicate effectively, to build trust and to be empathetic is so important if you are searching for an elite Denver SEO firm:

  • Creating a positive atmosphere – interviewing agency representatives is a stressful process for everyone involved, for you, as the person conducting the interview as well as for the person representing the agency. Good people skills can help transform a stressful situation into a constructive discussion that gives real, important information about how the company works;
  • Setting the tone for the future – the first meeting will set the tone of your meetings with your SEO expert in the future, too and the best way to conduct that first meeting in a positive note is through good communications;
  • A stronger gut instinct – a person who has good people skills usually has a stronger, more reliable instinct when it comes to evaluating interlocutors. The more you know people, the easier you can spot points in the communication that you don’t want to accept and the easier it will be for you to make the final decision in terms of the digital agency that you will work with.

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Are You Getting the Most from Your SEO Agency?

SEO services are usually provided by an SEO agency that optimizes your business for search engines. This way, you will increase the visibility of your website in search results through Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engine. Activities focus specifically on searches related to your company, products, services or industry.

Anyone looking for the best Denver SEO firm should initially check the history of the businesses that work with that agency. It is good to know in particular which of them managed to achieve good results, preferably those companies in the industry in which you also operate.

After checking the success rate of each SEO agency that you evaluate, it would be advisable to determine what services they offer and if they match your expectations. If you are provided only with standard service packages, it is advisable to reorient yourself to another agency. A professional SEO service provider is ready to offer personalized services.

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A reputable Denver SEO agency should also focus on communication and transparency with its clients, because this is one of the aspects that influence greatly the results. It must communicate periodically the status of the project and the improvements made during this time.


5 Things You Can Do to Improve Your Google My Business Today

No matter what the exact domain and interests of your business are, customers all over the world use Google to find out about it and the products or services you are offering. Because of that, it is essential to get familiar with all the details, and especially to discover the steps that you can take in order to improve your business with the help of Internet and digital technology.

The first thing you can do to improve your GMB is make a thorough, well-informed and appealing presentation of your business. You should aim for authenticity, and include information about the history of your business, why your domain is interesting and what makes your business stand out.

The 2nd recommendation is to use relevant photos to complete your description. Customers are very sensitive about the visual aspects of online businesses.

Thirdly, you need to make sure that the information you provided is accurate, and updated on a regular basis.

The fourth thing you could do is use the reviews tool, making sure you respond to your customers. And the fifth thing by which you can improve your GMB is by using posts about webinars or other special events held by your company.

Denver SEO firm For more detailed information on how to boost your GMB profile, talk to Denver SEO firm GMB experts at Get Found Fast.