5 Website Content Factors to Check During an SEO Audit

The content of a site is its very essence. A site with fresh, original, rich content will always be relevant for the user and implicitly for Google. However, this content must be valued and this is ensured by specialists following several aspects.

  1. Accessibility and indexability of the site

Accessibility tracks the extent to which the site can be accessed by search engines, and indexability tracks the extent to which the site is indexed efficiently.

  1. The presence and density of keywords

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A credible Denver SEO expert asserts that Google ignores and even penalizes keyword stuffing strategies and forces us, in the good sense of the word, to have texts as relevant as possible for users. In terms of density, studies indicate an optimal keyword density that should be between 3% and 5%.

  1. Identifying strategic places on the site
  • Title, Url, Meta Page Description
  • Headers and subHeaders
  • Content
  1. Duplicate or copied content

This is unfortunately a very common problem, but Google penalizes it. It is healthier – from a SEO point of view! – not to display any content, instead of displaying copied content. There are a multitude of tools – some are free! – that allow you to check the content before posting it.

  1. Pages with weak content

Unfortunately, pages with weak content only dilute the authority of a site and decrease the user experience.

3 Important Marketing Tips When You Relocate Your business

Relocating your business should be seen as an opportunity to improve it and promote it further. For example, it is a good opportunity to replace obsolete equipment. Instead of transporting the old equipment to the new location, you save time and effort if you scrap what is too old and invest in something new and modern. The same principle can be applied to outdated furniture.

Another opportunity offered by business relocation is promotion. Just like people throw a warming party when they move into a new house, it is a good idea to organize an event to let your partners, customers and the press know that your business has been relocated. You should promote this information on social media, so that those who are interested in your activity get the news. Per a locally recognized Denver SEO expert, it is a good opportunity to offer discounts and promote new products or services.

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Last but not least, use social media and focus on becoming viral. Going viral is the dream of any entrepreneur or marketer. Having customers who bring you other customers without you investing more money in marketing? Who wouldn’t want that? There are different things you can do to encourage virality: adding social sharing buttons on your website, asking people to share your posts, sending vouchers that can be offered to friends etc.


Are Heatmaps Helpful?

Denver SEO expert can improve your marketing strategy Heatmaps are a graphic representation of information in which values are indicated by colors. These colors include red, green, orange or yellow and they are semi-transparent. The intensity of these colors depends on the user’s interaction with that particular website, but also on his/her attention focus and eye movement. All these can be determined by using eye-tracking tools, replay session tools or accumulated clicks on links.

However, the variation in screen resolution can cause heatmaps to be less accurate, which results in misleading estimates about customers’ behavior and preferences on websites. Heatmaps are easier to discern and distinguish than numbers, and because of that many people consider them to be quite useful.

The most helpful thing about heatmaps is the fact that they can identify trends and tendencies quite easily and rapidly. They can communicate essential data to viewers in no time.

Heatmaps can be used in a wide variety of situations. They can help you determine the basic points of interest in a short period of time, helping people understand where there is a need for changes and improvements.

There are many heatmaps adaptations that can also be of good help to users, including retail matrix, diagrams, population maps, and so on.

Call a heatmap Denver SEO expert at GFF for more nformation on how this tool can work for your business.


Ways to Keep Up with Current SEO Trends

If you have successfully implemented your SEO campaign and you have reached the desired ranking, you probably want to keep that ranking, too. Keeping your ranking will require you to work just as hard as during the implementation phase, one of the most important things to do being the permanent monitoring of current SEO trends.

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Here is how to find out about them:

  • Follow SEO blogs – look for blogs written by a reputable Denver SEO expert that will provide accurate, up-to-date information about new or planned changes in search engine algorithms, about successful tactics and strategies. Consider vloggers as well – there are many reputable SEO experts who prefer illustrating their content with visuals;
  • Networking – attending events, webinars and other meetings are also great for finding out about the latest trends in SEO;
  • Don’t forget about your competitors – follow the websites of all your major competitors and note any changes that you notice on their sites, then think about how you could implement similar changes on your pages, too;
  • Use social media – many digital marketing experts use social media to publish relevant content about the latest SEO trends, so try to find such experts and follow their activity through social media.

Strategies to Improve Online Brand Management

Your brand is not just a logo. It is the image of what consumers think about it. The way they form their opinion about your brand can determine them to become customers. But before a potential customer can form an opinion about your brand, they must know it. It takes interaction to create that sense of connection with a brand. This is where the online brand management comes into play. From a strategic point of view, this implies the harmonious combination of two elements: the efforts to increase the presence of your company and the constant actions to strengthen its reputation in the online environment. Denver SEO experts help with brand management

Maintaining a brand management strategy is demanding; it requires time and resources to create relevant content, respond to reviews and monitor your brand online. These responsibilities should not be left in the hands of business owners, or worse, of a single marketing manager, but they require the allocation of resources and the creation of a marketing budget, in order to be able to work with a true Denver SEO expert.

In addition, there is a misconception, common among business owners, that brand management investments lead to an immediate return. Building a brand is a marathon. To create positive and lasting brand recognition, a long-term strategy is required, with a well-established budget and a healthy dose of patience.

Practical SEO Strategies

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Search Engine Optimization might seem to many as an abstract process that is difficult to understand for laymen. Fortunately, SEO is very much a practical process, one based on strategy, one that combines diverse methods and uses many tools and also one that never looses sight of the goal to be achieved. Here are some practical tips from Denver SEO expert services:

  • Use high-quality content – the content that you use for SEO purpose, either on your website or on other websites, must always be original, informative and useful. Whether you are publishing a guest post on a blog, content on your social media profiles or an article on your own website, always pay attention to the quality;
  • Pay attention to content formatting and structure – your content needs to have headings of various levels, you should structure them around industry-relevant keywords and you should also use highlighting methods, such as bold fonts, underlining or italics, or attract attention to important information;
  • Optimize your URLs – use short, relevant words and target keywords as well as hyphens in your URLs;
  • Make your website responsive – most people use their mobile devices to search for products and services on the internet, so using a fluid, responsive design is essential for the success of your website.

What Are the Steps You Should Take in Order to Brand Your Business

Creating a new brand or trademark is no easy feat. Although you might already have a lot of clients, and you’re thinking of expanding your startup, the creation of a new brand can greatly increase your popularity and improve on your sales. Because brands have such a powerful psychological impact on prospects and buyers, it’s important to take all the necessary steps to create a brand that actually helps your business grow.

Denver SEO expert The basics of branding are not that difficult to put into action. You have to define your brand and come up with a valid, honest and clear message of what your business’ essence is and what you want to promise to your clients that you can accomplish for them. While defining your brand, you also have to think about the main qualities of your company, as well as the pros and cons associated with it and with your products. Talking with a Denver SEO expert can help you clarify your objectives, message, and focus.

Next it’s time for the hard part: popularizing your brand. For that purpose, you’ll need a catchy logo that you can add to all your ads and fliers, as well as brand messaging, a slogan and an overall “voice” that you associated with your brand and that will be integrated in all your marketing and advertising content. Make sure you remain consistent and true to your brand, so that customers will associated with the most positive traits they look for in a company like yours.



Best Practices for SEO Marketing

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SEO best practices are tasks that have proven efficient in numerous campaigns and are defined not only based on the efficiency of improving the website’s rankings on search engine results pages, but also based on ethical criteria. Here are some Denver SEO expert best practices:

  • Keyword usage – the first step in the process of creating properly structured contents is keyword research to determine the most relevant keywords for the products or services that the campaign advertises. When the keywords have been selected, they should be used strategically in the contents to be published. Ideally, main keywords should be mentioned in the title, then in the first sentence of the text and the density of the occurrences in the rest of the text should also be determined in line with the rules of in;
  • The importance of unique content – one of the most important best practices for SEO marketing is to use only unique content in your campaign. Duplicate content is instantly detected by search engines and the discovery hinders the ranking of website on which such content is published;
  • The importance of the loading speed – the speed with which your website loads when an internet user clicks on it is essential for providing a streamlined user experience and to increase the chance of transforming visitors into customers. Internet users today don’t wait too long for your pages to load – if the loading process takes too long, they simply leave your site and visit the next relevant website on the results page.

What Makes a Web Design Successful? Hint: It’s Not Always What You Think!

A lot of people look at a website and admit that it looks great and inviting; but fewer people can actually tell you why. Also, what makes some designs favored, while others are cast aside by search engines? Most of the time, it has to do with things that are unrelated to the actual visible part of the design and more related to the code behind it.

web design

That being said, there are three main things that make a web design truly successful:

  1. The first is the obvious appeal and the harmonious use of colors that will make visitors want to stay even if they’re not all that interested in the content. The artistic part of the design will score a lot of points in this regard, along with the practical aspect of choosing colors and layouts that won’t bother or annoy your visitors.
  2. There are a few important coding and SEO considerations and details that have to be observed. For instance, the use of scalable code is preferred, and you need to make sure the right keywords are added in the ALT tags of the images and banners you add to your design.
  3. Finally, a good design has to be scalable not just to meet the standards of online search engines, but also to allow for better navigation. You need to make sure your users can access your website and web apps comfortably whether they do it through a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.

The best thing to do is consult a Denver SEO expert for additional guidance and expertise.

How to Decide on the Best Marketing Tactics to Use for Your Product

Denver SEO expert marketing strategies are so varied that choosing the best mix is surely difficult. However, coming up with the winner marketing mix isn’t impossible – here are a few tips for you:

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  • Think about your target group – try to figure out what type of media is most used by your target group and choose those channels to include into your marketing mix. If you decide to include online advertising as well, find out when your target group is online and time your ads to appear in that period;
  • Decide on the best way to contact your potential customers – for some businesses, placing cold calls is still the most efficient method, for others direct marketing works best and there are many that would benefit the most from a combination of available methods;
  • Experiment with various channels, but don’t hesitate to stop using one if it proves to be inefficient;
  • Test your marketing materials with a small group of people – tell your ideas to your friends and family members, show them your materials and listen to their opinions, especially if they belong to your target group. Provoke these people to express criticism – you will learn more from negative feedback than from praise.