How to Set Up a Balanced Search Engine Optimization Strategy

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A good SEO strategy is a complex strategy that uses the right combination of available methods to achieve the best results through carefully designing and delivering on-site content as well as through various off-site techniques. Here are some tips to create a balanced search engine optimization strategy:

  • Select the right keywords – the contents used in search engine optimization should be structured around keywords chosen carefully based on their relevance for the searches used by the website’s target audience. A resourceful Denver SEO expert confirms that this means that the very first step in the creation of an efficient SEO campaign should always start with picking the right keywords;
  • Original, informative content – the next step should be the creation of relevant, informative and original content structured around the keywords selected in the first phase;
  • Ensure a good user experience – your website pages should also be attractive and easy to navigate. Short loading times and a fluid design that displays equally well on all platforms is also important;
  • Develop a good off-site SEO strategy – off-site SEO is the set of activities performed outside the website to direct traffic towards the website. You need a solid set of these technique, including activities on social media platforms, on forums and podcast appearances.

3 Reasons Your Website Traffic Isn’t Growing

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If you have already invested lots of time and energy into your digital campaign, but the traffic you get on your website is just not what you want it to be, here are the three most common issues that have a negative effect on the success of your strategy:

  • No SEO tactic – a good strategy is based on tactics. Before launching your SEO campaign, you need to develop the tactics that will form the foundation for the campaign. A leading Denver SEO expert corroborates that your tactical decisions should include decisions about the platforms on which you will publish you optimized content as well as a link-building tactic;
  • Content of unsuitable quality – search engines punish the websites that use duplicate content, therefore using content that is not only informative, attractive and relevant, but also 100% original and unique is essential for any successful traffic growing campaign;
  • Not promoting your contents properly – creating good content is not enough, you need to promote it as well. One of the most common SEO mistakes is to think that good content will work on its own on your behalf – don’t make that mistake, share the content that you have been working on so much in your e-mail newsletter, on your blog and publish them on the social media platforms used for advertising your business.

Why Is Blogging Important for SEO

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Blogging is an excellent way to establish a close relationship with customers – whether the blog post compares products belonging to a particular category, about a personal experience shared by the blogger or it provides help and advice with a specific issue that is frequently encountered by the blog’s followers, blogging is a very efficient SEO tool that any marketer or service provider should use. According to expert Get Found Fast associates,, here is why:

  • Technical benefits – publishing more blog posts means more content that search engines crawl and index when internet users launch queries. More relevant, crawlable content is appreciated by search engines with higher rankings on results pages;
  • Increased credibility – blog posts are usually written in an entertaining, approachable style and presents situations and aspects of life that everyone could relate to. That kind of personal touch encourages trust and creates a more personal relationship between customer and marketer, too. People also feel more confident providing feedback to and sharing their thoughts to blog posts, so blogging is an excellent way to find out what your existing and potential customers thin about your business;
  • Increased reach through a variety of channels – you can provide your blog as a section of your website, but you have lots of other options, too, including various social media channels and e-mails. This variety gives you the opportunity to choose the method that best resonates with your audience.

How to Select the Perfect Digital Marketing Agency for You in 2021

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With so many great digital marketing agencies around today, selecting the one to hire for your campaign is no small task. Here are some things to do and factors to look for during your search for the perfect agency:

  • Figure out what you want – think about the areas that you need your agency to have experience with. Do you need an agency to handle your entire campaign or an agency that is an expert in social media campaigns or in catapulting websites to the first result page? Start assessing particular agencies only when you know what you want;
  • Check references – a good Denver SEO expert will provide references. Take the time to check them to figure out whether the agency’s experience is right for you;
  • Check reputation – when you have found three or four agencies that might be suitable for what you want, check their reputation on online review sites and forums to find out whether they are reliable;
  • Beware of wild promises – whatever you need an agency for, success won’t come overnight, so stay away from agencies that promise you stellar results in a couple of weeks;
  • Find out everything about how the agency will handle your project and ask for regular progress reports – you need control over the process, so only work with an agency that is willing to give you that control.

How to Get Benefit from Link Building for SEO?

Link building has been and still is among the most important elements of off-page SEO, a technique that is aimed at attracting more links that come from other websites and point toward your website with the aim of improving your website’s ranking on search engines, especially on Google that uses the number of backlinks as an essential ranking factor.

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According to a local Denver SEO expert, here are some efficient ways to increase the number of your backlinks:

  • Use reciprocal linking carefully – link exchange is viewed positively only if it happens naturally, in a way that makes sense from the point of view of the user and not excessively, between partner websites;
  • Use article marketing wisely, too – do not use anchor texts full of commercial keywords, but you can add brand keywords as well as navigational terms;
  • Use forum posts and blog posts only if they are relevant for your website or for your niche – if you actively participate in a forum discussion or if you post on a blog, use the backlinks only if your participation is relevant for your website;
  • Never buy links – the links that you pay for can do more harm than good for your website ranking. Do not buy links – if you have in the past, eliminate all of them as quickly as possible.

Best Keyword Research Tools for SEO in 2021

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Using the right keywords is essential for the success of your online contents and, with those contents, for the success of your website as well. The best way to find out the most relevant keywords to structure your contents around is to do a little keyword research and the best way to do that is through the use of keyword research tools – Get Found Fast, a leading SEO Digital Marketing firm, shares below some of the most efficient, easiest to use:

  • Free tools – if Google is the search engine that you want to optimize your contents for, Google Keyword Planner is very useful. To be able to access it, you will need a Goggle Ads account, but you will not need to have any active campaigns or to pay for anything. The tool has lots of features, one of the most important ones is that when you enter keywords into the search bar, the tool displays the number of monthly searches for the keyword;
  • Tools available for a fee – there are many versatile tools that you can also use, such as SEMrush or AnswerThePublic. Most of them have either a free trial that you can test, switching to a paid plan after 30 days or so or they have a free version that you can use for as long as you want as well as paid plans.

How Web Design Impacts Content Marketing in 2021?

Content marketing and web design go hand in hand – neither of the two can be successful without the other. While content marketing is the process of creating and offering the targeted audience relevant, useful and unique content with the purpose of attracting that audience to the marketer’s website and convincing them to become loyal customers, web design is the process of providing the visitors and users of the website an attractive interface.

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Here is how web design continues to influence the success of content marketing:

  • Creating that positive first impression – the design of your landing page is the first thing that your visitor notices, before even taking the time to read the introductory sentence in your text, therefore a harmonious, intriguing design is essential for keeping visitors on your site;
  • Loading times – internet users are usually impatient, if the URL they click on does not load in a fraction of a second, they move on. With proper web design, Denver SEO expert website designers affirm that your contents will be displayed lighting fast;
  • Fluid design – most people today use their mobile devices to look for content online. With the right design, you can ensure that your pages are displayed correctly over mobile devices, too.

How Positive Online Reviews Can Boost Your Business

When internet users are looking for a product to buy or a service to use, most of them start by locating multiple retailers or providers, then they continue by checking out the online reviews and testimonials before they make the final decision. While it is easy to understand why positive online reviews are important for convincing potential customers that your business is reliable, there are many other reasons why positive reviews are important, too – here are some:

  • Better performance on search engines – A leading Denver SEO expert confirms that search engines evaluate websites based on many factors, one of these criteria being the availability of positive reviews on the evaluated website. The sites that publish lots of reviews are ranked higher than the ones that do not have testimonials;

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  • Inspiring trust – customers tend to rely more on the opinions of their peers than on the ads created by companies to sell their own products. A product or a business that gets lots of positive reviews is considered to be more reliable;
  • Great feedback for you – knowing what your customers think about your products or services is very useful for your future development. Check the reviews that you get, thank your reviewers for sharing their thoughts whenever you can and offer solutions to the customers who publish negative reviews – it is an excellent way to convince someone who was not happy with your performance the first time around to give you a second chance.

5 Important Social Media Trends to Watch for in 2021

  1. Video content will become even more popular, in 2021. At the beginning of the year, globally, video content was watched, on average, 2.6 million hours a week; in April, video content consumption is expected to reach 5.7 million hours per week. Obviously, users consume more and more video content; from posts to stories and ads, they have a much higher engagement in the video form.
  2. Live streaming will also become more and more popular, considering that it represents the way to make most events possible, at least during the pandemic. Also, more and more video conferencing platforms will be connected to Facebook, so that they will be broadcast live.
  3. The number of eCommerce consumers will increase. In 2020, it was about 43%, but is expected to reach 56% by 2025.
  4. Stories will be a must do for any influencers, micro influencers but also brands. They increase the brand’s notoriety and humanize it. Also, through them, you can interact with your potential customers and create opinion polls.
  5. Humanization of brands is another trend to watch for, in 2021. People like to buy from other people, so brands that understand that transparency, authenticity and vulnerability are part of the smart marketing strategy in 2021, will win the hearts of their potential customers.

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Why YouTube Marketing Should Be Part of Your Digital Strategy

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YouTube is undeniably among the most popular networking platforms today, one that no marketer can afford to neglect. Here is why you should integrate YouTube into your digital marketing strategy:

  • A continuously growing audience – YouTube has a huge and continuously growing number of users, therefore it offers almost unparalleled potentials when it comes to reaching out to your targeted audience;
  • The possibility to target specific groups and geo-locations – According to a solutions driven Denver SEO expert, the channel offers the opportunity to select the traits of your targeted audience as well as the geographic location for which your content will be displayed, thus being very efficient in running customized campaigns;
  • Low costs – if you have ever tried to place an ad on television, you surely know how forbidding the costs of TV spots are. Posting ads on YouTube, on the other hand, is much more affordable, so much so that even small businesses can afford to use the channel;
  • Videos are much more efficient than static images – a short videoclip can convey your message more efficiently than an entire campaign based on pictures. This also means that YouTube videos can boast the efficiency of any ad campaign and it also offers the opportunity to establish a much closer, face-to-face relationship with your targeted audience.