Best Practices for SEO Marketing

Denver SEO expert best practices

SEO best practices are tasks that have proven efficient in numerous campaigns and are defined not only based on the efficiency of improving the website’s rankings on search engine results pages, but also based on ethical criteria. Here are some Denver SEO expert best practices:

  • Keyword usage – the first step in the process of creating properly structured contents is keyword research to determine the most relevant keywords for the products or services that the campaign advertises. When the keywords have been selected, they should be used strategically in the contents to be published. Ideally, main keywords should be mentioned in the title, then in the first sentence of the text and the density of the occurrences in the rest of the text should also be determined in line with the rules of in;
  • The importance of unique content – one of the most important best practices for SEO marketing is to use only unique content in your campaign. Duplicate content is instantly detected by search engines and the discovery hinders the ranking of website on which such content is published;
  • The importance of the loading speed – the speed with which your website loads when an internet user clicks on it is essential for providing a streamlined user experience and to increase the chance of transforming visitors into customers. Internet users today don’t wait too long for your pages to load – if the loading process takes too long, they simply leave your site and visit the next relevant website on the results page.

What Makes a Web Design Successful? Hint: It’s Not Always What You Think!

A lot of people look at a website and admit that it looks great and inviting; but fewer people can actually tell you why. Also, what makes some designs favored, while others are cast aside by search engines? Most of the time, it has to do with things that are unrelated to the actual visible part of the design and more related to the code behind it.

web design

That being said, there are three main things that make a web design truly successful:

  1. The first is the obvious appeal and the harmonious use of colors that will make visitors want to stay even if they’re not all that interested in the content. The artistic part of the design will score a lot of points in this regard, along with the practical aspect of choosing colors and layouts that won’t bother or annoy your visitors.
  2. There are a few important coding and SEO considerations and details that have to be observed. For instance, the use of scalable code is preferred, and you need to make sure the right keywords are added in the ALT tags of the images and banners you add to your design.
  3. Finally, a good design has to be scalable not just to meet the standards of online search engines, but also to allow for better navigation. You need to make sure your users can access your website and web apps comfortably whether they do it through a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.

The best thing to do is consult a Denver SEO expert for additional guidance and expertise.

How to Decide on the Best Marketing Tactics to Use for Your Product

Denver SEO expert marketing strategies are so varied that choosing the best mix is surely difficult. However, coming up with the winner marketing mix isn’t impossible – here are a few tips for you:

advice from Denver SEO expert marketing

  • Think about your target group – try to figure out what type of media is most used by your target group and choose those channels to include into your marketing mix. If you decide to include online advertising as well, find out when your target group is online and time your ads to appear in that period;
  • Decide on the best way to contact your potential customers – for some businesses, placing cold calls is still the most efficient method, for others direct marketing works best and there are many that would benefit the most from a combination of available methods;
  • Experiment with various channels, but don’t hesitate to stop using one if it proves to be inefficient;
  • Test your marketing materials with a small group of people – tell your ideas to your friends and family members, show them your materials and listen to their opinions, especially if they belong to your target group. Provoke these people to express criticism – you will learn more from negative feedback than from praise.

The Differences Between Remarketing and Retargeting

Retargeting and remarketing are both very efficient methods used as components of search engine marketing campaigns. The two terms sound very similar and both are targeted towards clients that have visited your website, but have not made a purchase. They are both strategies utilized by Denver seo expert specialists targeted towards people who are already interested in your products or services.

Denver seo expert utilizes retargeting and remarketing strategies

There are a few differences between the two strategies that you should know about:

  • The features of remarketing – the method uses targeted ads to invite customers to purchase the products and services that you offer. When a user visits your website, a cookie is launched to follow that user, then the user will be offered targeted ads through the browser that he or she uses. The ads are displayed to encourage the user to return to your website and make purchases on it;
  • How retargeting works – the principle behind retargeting campaigns is very similar, but instead of targeted ads, retargeting uses e-mail messages to encourage the user to return to your website. The retargeting process also includes a process of collecting information about the user and analyzing the information gathered with various analytic tools.

The principle difference between the two strategies is the level of interest they build on. While retargeting is targeted towards visitors who have already provided information about themselves through your website, remarketing is aimed at people who have expressed moderate interest towards your products and services.

How Do Web Design and SEO Work Together to Promote Your Products and Services?

Web design and SEO have gone hand in hand since the beginning of search engine optimization and online marketing. Even well over a decade ago,  marketers knew how important it was for both these aspects to work together towards acting as promotional components and ensuring that the information and promotional content of the website be presented in an attractive way both for search engines and readers/viewers.

Today, much about the internet has changed. Scripts and active elements are far more present in website design than in the past,  and the complexity of search engine optimization has reached new heights to the extent that the best Denver SEO expert has become like a scientist in the field of online promotion.

The reason why SEO and design are so important is that your website has to reach your audience primarily,  and then it has to keep them interested. The first task is accomplished through SEO while the second is reserved for the website’s design and layout.

Denver SEO expert

However,  there’s more. Search engine algorithms now also take into account the script of the website at a deeper level. The alt tags of images,  for instance,  can make your site more appealing to search engines,  if they have SEO-optimized keywords embedded into them.

Even though they seem like completely different fields SEO and website design go together quite well. A high degree of harmony between the two is required in order for your online marketing campaign to fully succeed.

Effective Branding for Your Local Business

Creating a brand for your company is the first step to making it known to your customers and the general public. Without creating a brand communication, you risk losing yourself anonymously and your business will have the same unfortunate end.

Smart companies have already understood that the era of a fierce capitalism, in which profit was the only concern, is now gone and the direction is now different. People’s expectations and needs have grown more complex, and the moment a customer chooses your business or another business comes when they come in contact with the brand image you or somebody else has created.

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A smart PR strategy designed by a Denver SEO expert gives you the chance to climb the top, identifying the right opportunities and anticipating potential crises that would be detrimental to your business.

Society has become so complex that the visual elements of your organization are not enough anymore. To make your brand solid, you need to build a story around it; a story that will charm and impress the people who come in contact with it, and convince them that you are the best choice they can make. This is the purpose of PR: creating stunning stories with the help of specific tools and communicate to everyone the reasons why you are best option for their needs and wishes.

Changes in Social Media Marketing

The social media promotion service is the configuration and management of your social networking page to increase your brand popularity.

What does a social media campaign include?

The relevance of the online environment is indisputable and if you want the world to know you and talk about you, be active on Facebook, Tweeter, Instagram or LinkedIn. What does this mean? Being active means creating pages for your business, posting and sharing interesting things for your audience on a regular basis, gathering as likes, appreciations and good ratings, answering messages etc. If you cannot afford to invest time in social media marketing, hire a Denver SEO expert.

Denver SEO expert

Here’s what experienced Denver SEO expert social media services include:

  • Analysis of business particularities and target audience determination
  • Creating and managing your social profiles
  • Creating, posting and distributing content
  • Creating social media campaigns
  • Continuous monitoring of the activity
  • Periodic reports

Social media dominance

With almost half of the world’s population being online, the role of social media platforms gets new dimensions.

Although professionals in social media marketing still learn to adapt to the impressive dynamics of online algorithms, it is important to know that social media platforms represent a great source of information on people’s preferences and behavior.

At the same time, studies reveal that nowadays people tend to have more confidence in influencers, than in classical advertising campaigns. Recommendations or reviews weight a lot in people`s decision to buy something, which makes businesses to diversify the communication channels to current and potential customers.