Customer Touch-points You May Be Missing

A customer touch-point is any sort of interaction with existing and potential customers before, during and after the purchase and it consists of all the places and times where and when your audience come into contact with your brand.

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The first things that you need to do to determine whether you maximize your use of touch-points is to make a list with the actual points of contact. Use three columns – one for the touch-points before purchase, one column for the points during the purchase and one for the points after the purchase. Pioneering Denver SEO company GFF customer support reps tell us that the most common touch-points will include social media, online ratings, reviews and testimonials, catalogs, meetings in your physical store, purchases through your website, contact through your sales staff, community involvement, billing and contact with your help center or with your help center. There are certain points that many marketers miss, so check your list to see if it includes the following: welcome emails sent to new subscribers, thank you cards to acknowledge purchases, invites to inform your subscribers about upcoming events and up-sell promotions. If you have also missed these points and you consider them suitable for your marketing strategy in some form, figure out how to include them, too.

Are Blogs Good for SEO

We don’t think it’s necessary to talk about the importance of having a business blog… As you may know, all IT/ Web design/ Online marketing companies have blogs, so the utility of a blog is unquestionable. Every company has a story. Every company has employees, new projects and various situations and activities that it wants to communicate to all those interested. And this is normal, logically thinking, because communication is the key to a company`s successful relationship with its customers.

In this context, the blog is the seller of your company`s stories, but also a great source of keywords for your SEO strategy.

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We know that SEO optimization focuses on content. What are the factors to keep in mind when doing SEO and how does the blog help you in this regard? You need to consider its relevance to the readers, its quality, and you need to focus on what readers are looking for. With all of this in mind, profitable Denver SEO company professionals encourage businesses to post content that meets all of these factors in order for Google to index your content and rank you higher in searches.

The problem with a website in this regard is that you do not update content on a daily basis; you just post general information that typically remains unchanged for the long term. On the other side, a blog is a tool that allows you to post different content every day. So, you can follow the trends in SEO and make a keyword plan, and then, through articles, you can optimize your site for each keyword, by writing about it.

4 Tips for Running an Effective Digital Holiday Marketing Campaign

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The winter holidays are usually the busiest, most lucrative period of the year for e-commerce websites, an opportunity to reach out to a larger customer base and to sell more than during the rest of the year. This also means that the period before the holidays is the best time of the year to implement a digital holiday marketing campaign – here are some tips from a highly recommended Denver SEO company:

  • Start as early as you can – ideally, planning for the winter holidays should start in September;
  • Run a contest – people just love to take part in contests, even in ones that do not promise extravagant, luxury prizes. Organize the contest around your products and services and announce it not only on your website, but in e-mails and on social media as well;
  • Stock up on your most popular products – launching a promotion and realizing that you have run out of the promotional products after a couple of days is embarrassing, so make sure that you have the right holiday inventory;
  • Turn to an influencer – using an influencer and content that promotes your company in a way that does not serve marketing purposes too obviously in your campaign is among the most efficient ways to run successful marketing campaigns.

How to Stay In-The-Loop with SEO Changes

If you are running an e-commerce business, you surely want your website to rank as high as possible for your most relevant keywords. To achieve those high rankings, you need to be up to date with the most recent changes in SEO requirements imposed by major search engines – here is how to do that:

  • Check search engine updates regularly – major search engines like Google announce critical updates and important changes in time. Check those updates and implement the changes deemed necessary to ensure your website’s compliance with the new rules and requirements;
  • Make use of free online tools – Google and other search engines provide many analytical tools that can help you assess the quality of your online contents as well as the efficiency of your SEO efforts. Many of these great tools are available for free and there are some that come for a small fee;

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Hire a Denver SEO company professional – outsourcing the task of monitoring requirements and implementing the corresponding changes will help you focus your energies on achieving more success in your business by giving you more time and by relieving you of the burden to learn aspects of Denver SEO company strategies and of having to implement the necessary changes on your website on your own.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a form of marketing that focuses on providing valuable content to a well-defined target audience with the goal of driving positive consumer action. Denver SEO company content marketing strategy comprises of various steps and is by no means limited to pitching products and services – as a matter of fact, the strategy is focused more on creating and distributing content that provides guidance and relevant information to internet users in order to help them solve the issues that they are faced with.

The content created for marketing purposes is different from the content intended to present products and services – content marketing can be successful only if the content involved is useful, indeed. Such content is appreciated not only by the marketer’s prospective and existing customers, but by search engines as well, rewarding the marketer’s website with better rankings and more visibility.

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The content created for marketing purposes also needs to be published on the right platforms. The platforms that have the greatest potential are social networking websites, therefore it is a great idea to include these sites into your mix. Blogging is another efficient way – whether your blog is part of your website or you operate it separately, blog posts are very important for the success of your content marketing strategy.

How to Hire the Right Digital Marketing Company

An online marketing agency can brilliantly help you increase your visibility in the online environment, attract more prospects to your site, turn them into customers and, as a result, increase your company’s turnover. When looking to outsource your online business promotion services, it is important to find an online marketing agency that incorporates a number of different internet advertising services.

Make sure this company has positive reviews

First of all, a company like this must have good results. Get the company’s history. How long has it been on the market? What was the success rate? If the company you want to collaborate with cannot boast a few successful digital marketing campaigns, then it is not the right choice.

The more experience it has in your niche, the better

Although success is very important, it is also a great idea to work with a Denver SEO company that has at least a few years of experience on the market.

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What does their marketing look like?

Fortunately, there is a great way to determine how the digital marketing company you plan to hire will promote your brand – you can get valuable insight from the way the company promotes its own brand!

Understand the true value

If you are the administrator or manager of a small or medium company, you may be tempted to turn to the digital marketing company with the lowest rates. Resist this temptation. Why? – Because, in general, you get what you pay for.

Geo Pages Vs. Unique Website URL’s For Each Location – What’s Better SEO?

When it comes to the structure of the website that you use for servicing multiple locations, you have several, very important decisions to make, including the choice between geo-targeted landing pages and using a separate website for each of the locations. While having a separate site for each of your targeted areas might seem like a solution that impresses your local audience by offering each of your areas a dedicated website, it is actually a solution that is very clumsy, costly and difficult to manage.

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According to a Denver SEO company landing page specialist, the solution that you are looking for is in fact geo-targeting – here are some things to know about the method and some benefits:

  • What geo-targeting is – the solution allows you to find out the locations where your business is the most sought-for and to use a single website that integrates all your locations. Each location will have its own webpage, but they will be all visible on a map to make navigation easier for the user;
  • The benefits of geo-targeted content – geo-targeting is a great way to increase your local relevance as well as for audience engagement. The method will help your spread the information regarding your promotions more efficiently at a local level and will also increase the efficiency of your marketing efforts.

3 Easy Ways Your Website Can Get More Leads

Most people who run a business are constantly thinking about getting new leads. A good method in this approach is to use content that is as valuable as possible, to attract people.

In the new world of SEO, there is a great demand for good content, not just click baits and nonsense, but real, useful and up-to-date information. Did you know, for example, that Youtube uploads content every day that would take you 65 years to watch all of it? Yes, you heard it right: 65 years! So, we can say that the challenge nowadays is not the quantity of the available content, but rather finding quality content, as quickly as possible.

Here are 3 easy ways your website can get more leads.

Create a capture page – you want your potential customers to perform a certain action. For this, it is effective to create a page where the call to action is validated, regardless of whether it is about filling in a form, subscribing to the newsletter, or downloading a free report.

Insert testimonials – reviews received from existing customers are always a good way to increase trust. Insert testimonials as visible as possible in the landing page.

Use graphical information – most of the time, statistics are dull and overlooked, but not if you present them in an interactive way, using graphical information on the landing page.

For additional information on how to build quality content, talk to Denver SEO company website development professionals.

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The Importance of Embracing Digital Marketing During the Pandemic

Digital marketing has been around for quite some time, due to the technological advances and the general development and change of direction for the human race. And because of the Covid-19 Pandemic, the need for finding online solutions for marketing businesses has become essential.

After the pandemic, there will be businesses which have already made steps towards digital marketing and others that will have less ability to adapt to current situation.

Most local businesses depend on the ”word-of-mouth” type of strategy for increasing their businesses, and because of that, the current situation has seriously affected them during the past few weeks.

Despite the fact that physical distancing has affected proper human communication, there are many tools offered by the Internet which can enable the communication and positive interaction between businesses and marketing Denver SEO company

Consumers need to be informed about new products and services, the change in business hours and the steps and strategies taken to protect them from the Covid. All this information can be transmitted via digital marketing Denver SEO company strategies, helping you build a long-lasting, trustful relationship with your potential customers.

So in case you had a completely offline strategy for your business, you might consider making a few changes and using some digital marketing strategies.


Tips about How to Maintain SEO Ranking

If your SEO strategy was successful and your website has reached the desired place on search engine results pages, you should now redirect your efforts toward maintaining that result – here is how:

  • Keep an eye on your click-through rate – you have reached a great place on SERPs because what you are offering is something unique. However, your competitors will do whatever they can to challenge your ranking. They are likely to target some of the keywords that you have been targeting, so to maintain your ranking you need to monitor the click-through rates for your keywords to find out which ones have been extensively used by others and need to be replaced;Denver SEO company  - content strategy
  • Provide help to your audience by posting relevant, informative content – another great way to maintain your ranking is by establishing yourself as the go-to resource in your niche. Analytical tools can help you do that by providing metric about how long your visitors spend on your pages as well as by providing a domain authority score based on many features, including the number and the quality of the external links that point toward your website; Experienced Denver SEO company professionals can help you navigate these steps.
  • Switch to https – the “s” in the URL stands for “security” and it is a great way to make your visitors feel more secure while navigating on your website.