How Can SEO Be Combined with Social Media Marketing?

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Social media is used by billions of people each day, many of whom spend online time only on social networking platforms, sourcing the products they need and finding the information they on interested in through their social media profiles. This aspect has radically changed the way that websites are optimized for search engines, making social media marketing and integral and essential part of any good SEO strategy. Here are some tips from a favored Denver SEO company about how to integrate your company’s social media presence into your SEO strategy:

  • Share website content on social media – after you have set up an attractive social media profile for your company, you can start using that profile for sharing relevant and interesting information with your followers on your social on that social media platform. That relevant content can include information about upcoming events in your company’s life, helpful how-to articles, videos, whatever you consider important and interesting for your audience;
  • Engage into direct interaction with your audience – you can use your social media profile to encourage direct communication with your customers. This means that reading and responding to the commands that you have on your company profile should be made an integral and important part of your SEO efforts.

4 Tips on Using SEO Effectively for Local Promotion

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Online marketing strategies are no doubt suitable for extending your reach to worldwide audiences, but not all businesses are looking for such a global grasp. A locally recommended Denver SEO company has the answers for companies looking for tools to promote themselves locally, too – here are some great methods to achieve increased exposure for local searches:

  • Setting up a Google My Business account – GMB is a great, easy to use tool that is offered by the search engine completely free of charge. The data you enter into your GMB business profile will be displayed in a separate section on the screen wherever an internet user enters a search term that is relevant for you, informing potential customers about contact details and opening hours, displaying ratings and images of your business, too;
  • Get online reviews from your happy customers – most people make buying decisions based on online reviews, so get as many good reviews as you can;
  • Fluid design for your website – most people today use their phones to search for information online, so ensuring that your website displays flawlessly on mobile devices is essential for increasing your online success;
  • Use the right website structure – creating an attractive and informative About us page that includes a link to Google Maps and having your contact details displayed on all your pages is also important.

Why PPC Is Still a Powerful Strategy for Brick-and-Mortar Businesses

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Many businesses operating from brick-and-mortar premises have been facing diminished customer volume for years, two of the most important reasons for the problem being the increase in the number of online shops and the decreased effectiveness of traditional advertising channels, such as TV spots and newspaper ads. In an attempt to tackle the issue, many companies have chosen to move their operations entirely online, but there are still many companies for which the only way to operate is from a physical store. Fortunately, online advertising, especially pay per click is there to help these companies as well – here are some of the important benefits a Denver SEO company can provide with PPC for brick-and-mortar businesses:

  • Cost-efficiency – with PPC, the advertiser pays only when their ad is clicked on by a user. The process can generate costs, but those costs will be much lower than the costs of TV spots or printed ads;
  • Finely-tuned audience targeting – PPC campaigns can be designed to target exactly the desired audience, by means of large bodies of geographical and demographical data;
  • Easily measurable results – PPC allows for accurate tracking, which means that advertisers have access to all the information they need to decide whether a particular element in the PPC campaign delivers the desired results.

Why Are Google Ads So Good for Getting Your Business Noticed?

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Google Ads is Google’s online advertising platform that offers internet users brief ads, service offerings and other such information. The ads available are provided by advertisers and they are displayed to web users based on the user’s search history, which means that the selection of the ads is performed based on keywords, matching the ads that contain the search word being searched for to the search. The method has been around for years and it is being constantly updated and refined constantly, providing a very important and efficient tool for any business that wants to be noticed. Get Found Fast professionals,, explain that this is how Google Ads can help your business:

  • Lots of great tools to maximize the efficiency of your campaign – the tool is complete with the Keyword Planner, the Ads Manager, the Reach Planner as well as with lots of educational platforms that make it possible for advertisers who are new to digital advertising to learn about the process;
  • Targeting local audiences efficiently – Google Ads allows you to make sure that your ads are delivered in a targeted way, timed to be displayed when your audience is online and for web users in the targeted geographical area and demographic group;
  • A budget-friendly solution – with Google Ads, you will pay only when your ads get clicked on by a web user.

The Role of Keyword Optimization as Part of Your SEO Strategy

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Search engine optimization is the set of activities organized into a strategy that has the purpose of maximizing the exposure of a website by improving its ranking on search engines for relevant searches. One of the most important tools in the hands of marketers when working to achieve good ranking is the selection of the keywords that the website’s contents will be structured on – here are some important things to know about keywords:

  • How keywords work – when internet users look for products, services or information, they enter a query into their internet browser. These queries are composed of words that are relevant for the search and that browsers use to find the websites that are likely to have the information requested by the internet user. Your website will be displayed on the results pages returned when an internet user enters the keywords that your website is optimized for;
  • How to choose your keywords – the selection of the keywords you use should be based on the terms most frequently used to look for information in your niche. There are many great keyword tools available online that you can use to figure out how internet users look for the type of products, services and information that you provide. After identifying the right keywords, seasoned Denver SEO company specialists encourage creating relevant and original content created around those keywords.

3 Best Tools for Website Traffic Analysis

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Website traffic analysis tools are essential for determining the success rate of your online marketing efforts as well as for identifying the campaign elements that are not as efficient as you expected them. Fortunately, according to valued Denver SEO company services, there are many great tools that you can use – here are some:

  • Google Analytics – one of the best and most popular free traffic analysis tools is used by almost all websites. It provides complex metrics, from ranking your keywords in terms of their capability to bring visitors to your site to various reports that will help you find out more about your visitors, about the quality of your contents;
  • Clicky – another service used widely, Clicky is free when used on one website. The platform offers a simple, easy to use dashboard that allows you to view all your real-time metrics in one place;
  • Chartbeat – the service is free to use for a month, then you can choose from several plans, the cheapest subscription being available for only $9.95. The service provides constant analysis and accurate, real-time data about how successful your website is;
  • Mint – available for a monthly fee of $30 per website, the tool gives you lots of stats, including some that are unique to the platform.

Social Signals for SEO: Using Social Media for Improving on Google

The term social signals refers to the shares, likes and other elements of social media visibility as they are perceived by search engines. The principal goals of search engines include the provision of relevant content to their users. To be able to do that, search engines evaluate the quality of the contents published on websites using various criteria, one of them being the frequency with which an URL comes up in searches. As a significant amount of communication and content publishing has moved to social media platforms, Google has extended the evaluation and assessment process to social media platforms, awarding higher rankings to the companies that have more social signals.

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To meet search engine requirements, the businesses that are looking for better positions on search engine results pages are today including targeted social medial campaigns into their digital strategies. The techniques used include regular, preferably daily postings and replies to the comments of followers, publishing images, launching contests and offering giveaways regularly, partnering with other brands and announcing the partnerships.

The best way to use social signals is to have a talented Denver SEO company create a targeted strategy and to dedicate the necessary energy to the communication with your client base – the efforts will soon bring fruits, in the form of higher rankings for the most relevant keywords.


Ideas to Grow Your Agency Using Newsletter Influencers

Not long ago, newsletter marketing and influencer marketing used to be two separate concepts: newsletter marketing used e-mail communication to inform customers about promotions and new products, while influencer marketing advertised through a personality considered to be an authority in the field of interest. While the two techniques are still efficiently used separately, combining them gives marketers even more advertising power.

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Advertising through newsletters with the help of influencers promotes products by inviting a person liked and followed by the target group of the campaign to provide a review about the promoted product. Here are some tips from Denver SEO company professionals to maximize the potential of the technique:

  • Choose the right influencer – very popular influencers are great choices, but these celebrities and public figures are often expensive. Choosing a micro-influencer is often a much better option: these people have a growing group of followers, but they are still looking for ways to grow;
  • Use stories, rather than product descriptions – your newsletters will be more personal and more appealing if your influencer uses the art of storytelling to bring your product closer to your customers;
  • Use videos and appealing images – videos are excellent marketing tools, so include video clips that feature your influencer into your newsletters.

The Different Personalities of Each Social Media Network

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Major social media networks have millions or billions of users, people of all ages and interests. While it is easy to see why social networking sites are so important for the success of any website, using the platforms for boosting website visibility can bring the expected success only if the social media campaign is preceded by research about the personality of the ideal follower. Here are the most common personality types identified by researchers:

  • Leaders – these people are the content creators on any networking platform. They are the ones who share their opinions all the time, whether positive or negative, and the ones who have the power to influence the opinions of others;
  • Likers – these people usually do not create content, but they express their opinions through likes and short comments. The group of Likers is more numerous than that of Leaders, therefore they represent a power that is not to be neglected in any social media campaign;
  • Lurkers – these people usually spend a lot of time on social media, but they prefer to observe and to keep their opinion to themselves;
  • Loners – these people use the internet, but they do not have social media profiles. They are numerous, too, therefore your SEO campaign needs to include channels other than social media to be able to reach out to them.

Let a leading social media Denver SEO company support your business objectives with unsurpassed skill and expertise.

Why the Majority of Websites Fail

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Many websites fail within a few years of launch. These are sites that do not contribute to the company’s portfolio, do not generate new customers and are slowly heading towards stagnation. This is how we end up wondering… Why do they fail? There may be different reasons, but the main ones are the following:

  1. Content is not updated regularly. Browsing through websites, you will find many that have, in their “Blog” or “News” sections, articles posted years ago. This does nothing but drive the visitors off the website. Rather than having a section for articles that you never update, it is better to limit yourself to a presentation website.
  2. Bad photos. The size and placement of the images matters to the visitor. A website created 4-5 years ago is prone to the risk that browsers will not display anymore the correct position of its photos. Who likes to browse a disorganized website, with code errors? – Nobody.
  3. Bad product presentation. You may not sell the best products, but you need to detail each product so that the potential customer knows what he/ she is buying. If you do not do this, your website will not be successful.
  4. Poor web design. The aspect of the site is also important. An unaesthetic and disorganized website will certainly not make visitors come back. Take your business to the next level by talking to a locally recognized Denver SEO company for excellent website development, digital marketing, and SEO advice support.