2021 Trends for Small Business

The COVID-19 crisis has redefined the functioning of economies and societies, but at the same time, it has been the basis for a set of innovations that have emerged in these conditions and are expected to define the next decade.

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Trends that will shape small business in 2021 include:

  1. Collective change: The way we work, buy, learn, socialize, educate and care for our health has changed for many of us, and small businesses need to look for new ways and offer new experiences to interact with people.
  2. Do-it-yourself innovation: Everyone wants better solutions, and the era in which a brand was expected to come up with solutions is in transition to one in which brands create new conditions aimed at personal innovation.
  3. The contract between the employer and the employee changes, starting from many situations that have arisen due to the pandemic – for example, who decides what people wear in their own homes, during a video call related to work, or who is responsible for ensuring the right of employees to privacy.
  4. Fluid infrastructure: As the way people purchase products and relate to services has changed radically, small businesses need to develop their agility and resilience so that they can adapt quickly to change. Changes are expected to continue in the future, often driven by sustainability.
  5. Challenging empathy: People care more and more about how brands express their values. Therefore, small businesses must make an effort to manage the stories that their brands tell, to prioritize the topics and behaviors that matter most.

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The Marketer’s Guide to Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is practically the extent to which consumers are familiar with a particular brand of services or goods and the extent to which they link that service or product to an image or a specific quality level and specific values. Brand awareness can take many forms, such as linking the brand’s logo to a specific product or linking the brand logo and the product name to a particular level of quality, but whatever the form, brand awareness is essential for success of any product.

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Brand awareness is not built overnight – it takes good strategy, patience, good graphic design and, of course, an excellent product or service. Building such awareness is a long-term project that can take anywhere from 3 months to over a year, in some cases even much more. The process should start with an analysis of the targeted audience – knowing what that audience likes, what they resonate with will determine all the further decisions. The next step should be the development and the launching of a strategy built on the results of the target group analysis. Diligent Denver SEO companies can help you design and track your campaign to ensure maximum efficiency. That permanent attention being the only way to detect elements that do not deliver the expected results and to replace unsuccessful components with better ones.

3 SEO Basics You Need to Master

Search engine optimization, commonly referred to as SEO, is the process of improving the visibility of a website on search engine results pages and of increasing the traffic to the website. The process is certainly complex and any SEO strategy needs take into consideration not only aspects strictly related to marketing, but also the requirements imposed by search engines.

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If you already have an attractive website with great, relevant and informative content on it and you are in the process of designing your SEO strategy, here are some important concepts that you should understand:

  • Link building – the number of the links from other websites to your site is among the most important factors used by search engines to determine the ranking given to a website. There are very many methods to increase the number of high-quality links to your site, getting mentioned in reviews and promoting your website on social media are just two; High ranking Denver SEO companies are pros at utilizing these strategies to improve client visibility.
  • Quality content – websites are also evaluated based on how relevant and original their contents are. It is not enough to provide information through your contents – your materials also need to respect specific rules imposed by search engines;
  • User experience – search engines also evaluate websites based on the experience they offer to visitors by analyzing the behavior of the visitors on the website that is being evaluated.

Tips about How to Maintain SEO Ranking

Your website’s ranking on search engine results pages is an essential factor that determines not only how successful your digital marketing campaign is, but is also decisive for the success of your business endeavor. If your website has achieved good ranking for the keywords that you have selected, here are some tips to help you maintain that ranking:

  • Publish high-quality, original and relevant content regularly – Successful Denver SEO companies confirm that the quality of the content that you publish is among the most important factors that your website is evaluated by, so the one of the best ways to maintain your site’s ranking and to attract more traffic to your site is through the creation of great content all the time;
  • Use metadata correctly – use the space for information about your webpage content wisely. The title metadata, the keyword metadata and the description metadata all provide important information that the search engine uses to rank websites;
  • Include relevant links into your contents – adding “Click here” no longer works well and neither do URLs used as link text. Try to use short, captivating, descriptive links, not longer than two or three words. Avoid using the word “link” and try to use your most important keywords in the link text.  Denver SEO companies

How to Start Getting Organic Traffic to Your Blog

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Many bloggers today are of the opinion that directing high-quality, organic traffic towards their blog is becoming increasingly difficult – if you are one of these bloggers, here are some tips to make the process easier for you:

  • Use images and videos and label them properly – blogging is not only about sharing text content with your readers. The statistics show that the posts that include images or videos get almost 100% more views than the ones that don’t, especially if those images or videos record real-life events. However, search engines still read words, not images, so naming your pics and clips properly is essential, too;
  • Pay attention to your headlines – it is not easy to come up with headlines that summarize the content of blog posts in an attractive and relevant way, but it is essential. Try to include the principle keyword of the entry into the first part of the headline and limit the length of your headlines to 6-8, maximum 12 words;
  • Publish posts regularly – proactive Denver SEO companies confirm that the statistics show that the blogs that post at least three entries per week get about 3-4 times more traffic than the ones that feature fewer new posts and search engines also appreciate more frequent posts.

What is Re-targeting and How it Can Boost More Sales

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Re-targeting represents online advertising focused on targeting users based on their previous actions relevant for your business. This form of behavioral marketing is particularly helpful to keep your brand visible and get back in touch with users.

You must know that only 2% of web traffic actually converts users into customers, right from their first visit. This is where re-marketing becomes so relevant, as it can help businesses to reach more than 95% of users who have not yet taken a desired action (purchase, registration, etc.).

Re-marketing is simply based on cookies that uses an anonymous JavaScript code to “track” the public all over the web. This way, platforms such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn etc.  are able to recognize this cookie, when a user who visited the site, browses the Internet.

Thanks to this technology, these platforms can display advertising banners of the same brand to the same users. Denver SEO companies confirm re-targeting effectiveness because it focuses investments in advertising on people who are already familiar with the brand, and who have recently shown interest.

These campaigns have a much higher ROI (return of investment) than campaigns made on other digital channels. Email marketing (newsletter and DEM) and mobile marketing are essential tools for re-marketing, because the customer feels personally targeted.

Signs Your Current SEO Company Isn’t Being Transparent

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Transparency in terms of strategy as well as in terms of pricing is one of the most important factors in any business relationship, your relationship with your current SEO company included. Unfortunately, not all SEO companies are created equal – here are some signs to indicate that the activities of your SEO company are not transparent:

  • No clear account of the results – you need Denver SEO companies that are accountable for the results achieved through the campaign that they design and implement for you. Such accountability is essential for you to make informed decisions about whether or not to change the direction of your campaign – if the company that you work with does not provide you the information you need, it is a sign that they are not transparent;
  • Obscure pricing – if you don’t know exactly what the invoices issued by your SEO company include, it is another sign of lacking transparency;
  • Difficulties contacting your SEO account manager – if you call your SEO agent repeatedly and the person is always out of office or you don’t get timely replies to your emails and messages, it is another sign that you should start worrying about the transparency and the quality of the services offered by your SEO company.


Why it’s Important to Get a Free Digital Evaluation

A digital SEO evaluation for your website can be compared to a routine visit to the doctor. Basically, it is an assessment of how your website is optimized for search engines. It is important to have Denver SEO companies complete analysis to ensure that your site is easy to read for both users and robots.Denver SEO companies

What is the contribution of a digital SEO evaluation in the marketing strategy?

SEO digital evaluations help you analyze the site`s performance. With their help, you find out what are the weaknesses in your strategy and, at the same time, you analyze the direct competitors of your business. A good design and a fast interface are not enough when it comes to a website. If the search engines can’t read it, it is very possible that your efforts are in vain.

Components of an SEO digital evaluation

  • Competition Research
  • Crawling and indexing
  • Accessibility
  • Link analysis
  • Keyword analysis
  • Content evaluation
  • On page optimization
  • Site architecture and design

A SEO digital evaluation is not an exact science. There is no standard recipe for a successful audit. Therefore, it often happens that the sets of “good practices” are inconsistent. Search engines change their algorithms almost daily and there are few cases that announce why and to what extent. Thus, regular digital SEO evaluations are a must.

Can I Do SEO Myself?

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While SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is quite a complex process that may take a while to understand, if you own a website, it is possible to optimize it for search engines yourself. However, before you decide to handle your site’s SEO on your own, you must ensure you fully understand what it entails.

SEO is about:

  • Knowing your target audience well and what they are searching for;
  • Researching keywords and creating content around them;
  • Planning and publishing content on a regular basis.
  • Link building (internal and external);
  • Creating pages optimized for search engines and fixing technical issues;
  • Sometimes, even restructuring your whole website may be required;
  • Staying up to date with the constant Google algorithm changes and industry best practice;

If you’re new to this, the learning curve can be quite steep and time consuming, so whether you can do SEO yourself or not will depend on the time you are willing to allocate for learning and then for applying that knowledge to help improve your website. In the end, the answer really depends on one question: is your time better spent trying to do SEO yourself or focusing on what you already do best, and let experienced Denver SEO companies handle the rest?


What is a Landing Page and how Can it Benefit Your Business

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The Landing Page is a specially created page for business purposes and is a quick way to convince users to complete a specific action. In other words, on a landing page you can find, for example, information, special marketing offers such as free courses, demos etc. or the promotion of products or services. All this urges users to action, which is why your landing page must be good!

You can compare the landing page of a site with the cover of a book – if it is well done, readers will be more attracted to read it, so they are more likely to purchase it. Established Denver SEO companies have experience creating well designed landing pages that promote your business and generate the desired action.

Basically, a well-made landing page will convince a large percentage of users, to complete a certain action, such as: participating in a course, completing a form, registering an account, placing an order, etc. These actions determine the conversion rate and determine how good a landing page is – it can make the difference between your website and that of your competition.

A good landing page must present to the users an offer, the title must be very clear, the benefits must be highlighted, it must contain a form (the form can be for order, subscription etc.) and contain images or other type of relevant graphic content.