Is Organic SEO Better Than PPC and Other Targeted Types of Promotion?

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Organic SEO and targeted advertising methods are the two major types of promotion campaigns used by savvy Denver SEO companies today – while organic methods are aimed at attracting visitors and turning them into customers in a natural way, by providing useful content, valuable information and outstanding user experience, targeted methods use ads and other promotional materials to inform audiences directly about a particular promotion and to launch a strong call to action.

As you see, organic SEO and targeted campaigns are different in scope as well as in terms of the techniques used. The effects of organic methods take longer to be noticeable, but they also last longer, while targeted methods bring almost instant results, but with short-term effects. In terms of costs, SEO is more cost effective – many of the tools used are completely free to use -, while targeted campaigns can be quite costly, just think of PPC campaigns, in which the marketer pays wherever their ad is clicked on by an interested internet user.

To conclude, whether organic SEO or targeted methods are better depends entirely on the goal – if the marketer’s the purpose is to build a solid customer base and the marketer is willing to put in all the time and effort needed, organic SEO is the way to go, but if quick results are needed, PPC or targeted ad campaigns work better.

Mixing SEO and PPC: What Do the Experts Recommend?

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SEO and PPC are the two most powerful techniques used by Denver SEO companies – two strategies that only strengthen each other when used together. While search engine optimization is the process of attracting traffic in an organic, natural way, by providing content that internet users consider interesting and relevant for their searches, pay per click involves placing ads strategically on the internet, the marketer paying only when the ad is clicked on. Experts recommend marketer to combine the two approaches for better results – here are some tips how:

  • Analyze how well your keywords are doing – it would be a huge waste of money to use paid ads in a field where you are dominating the searches organically anyway, so any strategy that combines PPC and SEO should start with a detailed and accurate analysis;
  • Adopt a hand-on attitude – launching a combines SEO-PPC campaign takes huge efforts. If you don’t want to waste those efforts, keep track of the results by regularly checking how effective your techniques are with metrics and react quickly if you see that a technique is not giving you the right results;
  • Don’t forget, a quality website is key – whatever mix of techniques you use, they won’t be efficient without a great website to point to, so make sure that your website is always attractive, informative and that your pages always load fast.

Google My Business Tips to Increase Traffic

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Google My Business is a free tool provided by the search engine to businesses and organizations to help their customers or visitors find them more easily. Google My Business profiles are easy to create – setting up a profile takes only a couple of minutes – and with some attention, they can do much more than just provide contact information: Principled Denver SEO companies say that GMB profiles can be efficiently transformed into a tool that increases the traffic toward the business in the profile. Here is how you can achieve increased traffic through your GMB traffic:

  • Make sure that your information is accurate – whether it is your address, your opening hours or your phone number, all the details you enter into your GMB profile need to be 100% accurate and up to date;
  • Choose the right category for your business and add attributes, too – when creating your GMB profile, you will find a Category section where you can choose the niche to which your business belongs. Choose the category that is as close to your operations and field as possible – it will help your customers find you. The details in the Attributes category will also help your customers choose by giving them the relevant details they need;
  • Adding photos – the GMB profiles that are complete with photos get over 30% more clicks than the ones that don’t. Make sure to add professional pics of the right quality.

Can You Improve Your SEO Just with Onsite Changes?

Ideally, SEO strategies should include a combination of well-chosen on-site and off-site methods, the combination of the two approaches being the best way to maximize your website’s exposure and, with the increased exposure, to increase the traffic the site attracts. However, implementing SEO-focused on-site changes can improve website ranking and exposure to a certain extent, even when they are used as a stand-alone strategy.

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Here are some tips from successful Denver SEO companies:

  • Understand how search engine algorithms work and keep an eye on changes – the ranking criteria used by search engines to evaluate content are constantly changing to keep quality levels high. Familiarize yourself with current requirements and check regularly for changes;
  • Use the right content and structure – use your main keyword in the headline, in the first paragraph of your text as well as in the last one. Using subtitles with tags and text organized into paragraphs are also great ways to earn the appreciation of search engines and to obtain higher ranking for your website;
  • Use images and videos – visual materials speak louder than words and search engines award better ranking to content with original images and clips. Make sure that the titles of the visual materials include relevant keywords.

A Complete Guide to SEO for YouTube

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YouTube has come a very long way since it was launched in 2005 – today, there are over 500 videos uploaded each minute and the platform has over one billion visitors each month. The videos that can be watched on YouTube include films, ads, documentaries, music videos, presentations, tutorials and many others – small wonder the platform plays such an important part in the strategies employed by Denver SEO companies for so many businesses, small and large alike. If you are currently considering including YouTube videos into your digital marketing mix, here are some tips about how to optimize your videos and how to use the platform to drive maximum traffic to your website:

  • Use your keywords wisely – keywords are as important with videos as they are with text content. Make sure to add them into the name of your video file and in the video title and include the keywords into the video description and the attached tags;
  • Categorize your video – selecting the right category for your video is also essential for optimizing your material;
  • Subtitles and close captions used correctly – it is very annoying to watch a video with improperly timed or incorrect subtitles and closed captions. Take the time to find a subtitling software or app (there are many great ones available for free online) and learn the basics to be able to create correctly edited videos.

Skills and Tools You Need for Efficient Web Design

Modern, efficient web design is a process that requires a strategy developed carefully based on knowledge of the dominant design trends and of the most efficient digital techniques available, insight into the current industry trends as well as an excellent sense of style. Here are the required tools and skills Denver SEO companies provide:

  • The skills needed – website design requires technical skills as well as an appreciation of harmony, elements of style and modern color schemes. To design a website that is able to achieve the expected success, the site also needs to follow general design trends as well as the particular trends that are dominant in the niche of the business that operates the website. Experience in working on small projects as well as on large ones is also very important;

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  • The tools needed – possessing the right skills is an essential prerequisite of successful web design, but the design specialist will also need tools to be able to actually create the design. The best of these tools are cloud-based platforms that offer the designer access to widgets, animations and effects, quick and easy prototyping options, previewing and sharing options as well as modules that facilitate the coding process.

6 Best Practices to Manage Customer Relationships Effectively

Customer management is the process of offering your customers the best possible buying experience. Good customer management can ensure the loyalty of your customers and is invaluable in the process of brand building and advertising itself, but developing a strategy that encompasses methods to handle the wide variety of possible situations is no easy task.

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Here are some best practices to help you:

  • Treat your customer the way you want to be treated – if you think about your experience as a customer, you surely know the difference between respectful and helpful treatment and unacceptable treatment. Service driven Denver SEO companies emphasize that you make sure that your customer service team knows the difference, too and that they always communicate politely and seek a solution to any situation;
  • Reward loyal customers – all your customers deserve the same excellent treatment, but your old, loyal customers deserve some extra appreciation. Offer these special customers discount coupons or offer them corporate gifts – they will appreciate the gesture and stay loyal to you in the future, too;
  • Elicit feedback and pay attention to it, too – asking for feedback has positive value in itself, but it is also important to consider the criticism formulated by your customers and to correct the issues signaled. Ask for feedback regularly, thank your customers for their opinions and let them know that you really care.

The Most Common Mistakes that Businesses Make with SEO

Search engine optimization, that is, the process of improving the visibility of your website for relevant searches on browsers has been, is and is going to be the most efficient way to boost the success of your website, to attract more visitors to your site and to convert them into loyal customers. However, the process is usually complicated and lengthy, with many pitfalls – here are some of the most common SEO mistakes to avoid:

  • Neglecting preliminary research – Results driven Denver SEO companies will design and implement campaigns strategically by creating a profile of the campaign’s targeted audience. They will research the most relevant keywords and channels used by that audience;

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  • Publishing irrelevant content – even the most relevant keywords can be used in content that fails to captivate the reader’s attention, so creating that is written in a great style, made even more interesting with pictures and videos is essential for success;
  • Neglecting fluid design – the majority of internet users access online content on their phones and are usually disappointed when they click on a site that does not feature a mobile-friendly design;
  • The lack of tracking – regularly checking the efficiency of your SEO process is essential for identifying the elements that fail to perform as expected. There are lots of great, online metrics available, some of them for free – use them to track your success.

2021 Trends for Small Business

The COVID-19 crisis has redefined the functioning of economies and societies, but at the same time, it has been the basis for a set of innovations that have emerged in these conditions and are expected to define the next decade.

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Trends that will shape small business in 2021 include:

  1. Collective change: The way we work, buy, learn, socialize, educate and care for our health has changed for many of us, and small businesses need to look for new ways and offer new experiences to interact with people.
  2. Do-it-yourself innovation: Everyone wants better solutions, and the era in which a brand was expected to come up with solutions is in transition to one in which brands create new conditions aimed at personal innovation.
  3. The contract between the employer and the employee changes, starting from many situations that have arisen due to the pandemic – for example, who decides what people wear in their own homes, during a video call related to work, or who is responsible for ensuring the right of employees to privacy.
  4. Fluid infrastructure: As the way people purchase products and relate to services has changed radically, small businesses need to develop their agility and resilience so that they can adapt quickly to change. Changes are expected to continue in the future, often driven by sustainability.
  5. Challenging empathy: People care more and more about how brands express their values. Therefore, small businesses must make an effort to manage the stories that their brands tell, to prioritize the topics and behaviors that matter most.

Let knowledgeable Denver SEO companies, like Get Found Fast, create a customer focused marketing and branding strategy for your business.

The Marketer’s Guide to Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is practically the extent to which consumers are familiar with a particular brand of services or goods and the extent to which they link that service or product to an image or a specific quality level and specific values. Brand awareness can take many forms, such as linking the brand’s logo to a specific product or linking the brand logo and the product name to a particular level of quality, but whatever the form, brand awareness is essential for success of any product.

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Brand awareness is not built overnight – it takes good strategy, patience, good graphic design and, of course, an excellent product or service. Building such awareness is a long-term project that can take anywhere from 3 months to over a year, in some cases even much more. The process should start with an analysis of the targeted audience – knowing what that audience likes, what they resonate with will determine all the further decisions. The next step should be the development and the launching of a strategy built on the results of the target group analysis. Diligent Denver SEO companies can help you design and track your campaign to ensure maximum efficiency. That permanent attention being the only way to detect elements that do not deliver the expected results and to replace unsuccessful components with better ones.