Getting Started with Facebook Messenger Ads

1.3 billion people use Messenger every month, so it is easy to see why the platform is such a successful tool for advertisers and why implementing the Facebook Messenger Ads is such a great decision. The solution not only has huge potential, it is also easy to get started with – here are some things that you should know:

–         Various types of ads to choose from – you can choose sponsored ads that allow you to send personalized messages to users that you have already interacted with on Facebook or Click-to-Messenger ads if you want your ads to appear on Facebook News Feed as well as on Instagram Feed;

–         Special benefits – with Messenger Ads, you will find reaching your audience easier and faster. You can engage into live chat conversations instantly, which means that you can establish a much more personal type of contact with your customers. The solution also allows for better local targeting, which will, in turn, boost your local sales. The tool makes it possible for marketers not only to cherish their relationship with existing customers, but also to set up contact with potential customers, thus building and consolidating brand awareness and transforming leads into actual, paying and loyal new customers. For more about these benefits, you will want to talk to internet marketing Denver SEO agency specialists.

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Different Types of Digital Marketing

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  1. Content creation

This type of digital marketing involves creating and distributing content – text, images, multimedia – that adds value to your audience, instead of just sending an advertising message.

If you are in B2C (business to consumer), “content” can mean social media posts, blog posts, and fun videos; if you are in B2B (business to business), there could be more case studies or reports, webinars and educational videos.

  1. SEO

SEO does what the name says: search engine optimization. This means creating content that people are actively looking for, as well as ensuring that this content and the platforms on which it is located are SEO and technically optimized.

  1. Google Ads

Paid ads on Google Ads look almost the same as normal results, except that they appear at the top of the page, in the top 1-5 positions, with the word “Ad”.

  1. Social media marketing

Compared to other channels, such as TV, print and even online advertising, social networks add a new possibility of interaction with potential customers. Instead of just sending messages to a mass audience, you can interact with your customers and listen to what they have to say.

  1. Email marketing

This is a tool used successfully especially by e-commerce sites and retail companies. It has good results by advertising promotions and seasonal discounts and you can also use it to send newsletters.

Get Found Fast, a Denver SEO agency with proven results for a variety of industries, can help your company meet and exceed 2021 objectives using their expertise in all the above areas.

Festive Holiday Marketing Ideas to Try This Year

The end of year holiday season is the most important period of the year for many marketers. To make the most of the great selling opportunities, many Denver SEO agency experts launch festive campaigns – if you are planning to have such a campaign, too, here are some tips for you:

  • Start early – the earlier you can launch your campaign, the better. Starting the planning and the implementation phase as early as possible will allow you to make important decisions related to the advertising materials, to the products involved in your promotions and to your marketing budget without being pressed for time;
  • Include an online campaign – adding Denver SEO agency online marketing solutions to your in-store promotions and campaigns is the best way to step up your game;

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  • Use social media – social networking platforms offer you the opportunity to reach out to your customers directly. Communication through social media can also help you prepare your campaign by helping you identify the products that your customers are interested in the most;
  • Assess the demand and stock up – running out of the products included in your festive promotions before the holidays is embarrassing and bad marketing, so make sure that your inventory is properly sized to meet the demand you generate with your campaign.

What is Pay Per Click?

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Pay per click, also known simply as PPC, is an online marketing model in which advertisers publish their ads and they pay a fee for having their ads displayed only when internet users click on the advertising content. The method is considered to be among the most efficient online marketing methods and is preferred by many marketers as it allows them to drive more visits to their sites.
To get their PPC ads displayed, marketers need to participate in ads auctions – an automated bidding process during which search engines determine the relevance of the participating ads and in which marketers bid on the keywords that they want their ads to be triggered by. There are many types of ads that can be used in PPC campaigns, the most common type being search ads. When internet users search for products, services or information using a search engine, relevant pay per click ads are triggered and served to the internet user.
The basics of a successful pay per click Denver SEO agency campaign might seem simple, but managing the process successfully can be a complex and difficult task. The campaign needs to be under continuous monitoring to control the costs as well as to identify the ads that perform well and the ones that do not meet the expectations.

Quick Digital Marketing Tips for Newbies

It is not like in the early 2000s anymore, when you used to make a site, you filled it with keywords, embed some software to push your site to the first page of Google results and then you sat quietly and enjoyed the orders received . These times are long gone now!

So, nowadays, if you want to be able to compete with the big brands and have a chance to come out with your products and services, you have to be smart. You need to understand what is happening in the online environment and what the existing promotion methods are.

How do you do internet marketing?

The simple answer: social media.

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A seasoned Denver SEO agency will offer you a more complex answer:

  • You enter social networking sites and try to interact with your customers, to be always present in their minds so, when they need your products, they remember your brand because it is the best choice for them
  • You consult the forums to see what the customers think about your products, study what the competition does, see what people’s needs are and then try to offer products that best meet people`s needs and desires.
  • You write on your blog, to keep your customers informed and educate other potential customers
  • You use email marketing to offer your potential customers relevant and tempting offers.

3 Things You Can Do NOW to Your Website to Safeguard It from Google Core Updates

Google is a huge search engine of a complexity that is hard to comprehend, that’s why it launches updates very frequently – only in 2019, the number of those updates exceeded 3,000. However, not all of these updates involve modifications and changes that have very significant effects, the ones that do being called Google core updates and being launched less frequently. The effects of these core updates are instantly noticeable to internet users because they significantly change their search engine experience as well as to website owners, as in some cases, they might see their website’s rankings as well as its traffic decrease.

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If you want to make sure that your website is safeguarded from the negative effects of the next core update, here are some tips from Denver SEO agency google experts:

  • Always provide quality content – Google has very specific guidelines about the features of quality content. To avoid being ranked back, make sure that your website content respects those guidelines;
  • Build high quality backlinks – your backlink profile is an important factor used by Google to evaluate your website, so implement an efficient backlink building strategy before the next core update;
  • Don’t procrastinate – any change of direction in your SEO strategy takes time to bring results, so don’t wait, start improving your SEO and check the applicable Google guidelines regularly.

How Often Should You Meet with Your SEO Company?

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the changes Google is making all the time, we understand you perfectly. The large amount of information is not easy to process, but for this there are now Denver SEO agency specialists in high-performance digital marketing, which you can use at any time of the development of your brand, wherever you are. Your mission is to make sure that the business operates at full capacity; the responsibility of marketers is to power the digital “engine”.

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When you are looking for an agency to entrust such a mission to, you need to be sure that you choose a Denver SEO agency team whose work stands out for its quality.

No chemistry, no strategy!

Have you already set up a meeting with an agency that could take care of the image of your business? Now is the time to see if there is a promise of a good relationship between you. Check if the agency is willing to meet your needs, and is flexible enough to make your brand stronger, with the help of adapted and updated SEO tactics in the current dynamic context.

For reaching the desired results, you will have to meet with your SEO agency on a regular basis. The periodicity depends on your website. If you have a large business with new content every week, you should probably meet every trimester. On the other hand, if you have a small website, a meeting every 6 months will be perfect.


Why You Should Consider an E-Commerce Store During (and after) COVID-19

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Because of COVID-19, people had to face the challenge of replacing offline with online shopping. At the same time, many products such as clothes, cameras, suitcases and luggage were no longer on top of most people’s shopping lists.

The situation changed at a very fast pace. People no longer gathered in large numbers to do their usual shopping in malls and have their meals in restaurants, they had to stay home and avoid human contact on a regular basis, to the point that they had to renounce many previous habits and commodities.

Thus, home delivery suddenly became the safest and most desirable method of commercial interaction. Companies had to learn how to change in order to better serve their customers’ needs and interests, and to envision ways in which the desired services and products should reach these customers.

Stemming from people’s need to feel they still have some control even in unexpected, often scary times as the beginning of this pandemic brought about, the so-called panic shopping caused many people to buy large amounts of products to store and have during lockdowns.

All of these realities have changed the general mindset of customers, so that e-commerce currently has become the best option for sellers and service providers. Talk to Get Found Fast, a well known e-commerce Denver SEO agency, for additional insight on how you can improve your business marketing strategies.


What are Backlinks and How Do They Work

A website receives a backlink whenever it is mentioned in the content of another website – in other words, a backlink is like a vote cast for a website by another website. Backlinks are important because they are extensively used by search engines to evaluate websites and to determine the position of a specific website on results pages, implicitly determining how many internet users will visit the website.

Denver seo agency offers backlink strategy

Any talented Denver SEO agency  – talk to GFF experts – will tell you that not all backlinks are created equal, though. The backlinks coming from reputable websites are more valuable than the ones coming from less authoritative websites, so a good backlink building strategy should focus on getting backlinks from quality websites. Backlinks can also be categorized based on whether they can or cannot be clicked on – no-follow links are not really valuable and they are usually ignored by search engines, while do-follow links are the types of backlinks that the reader can click on to access your website content directly.

As you see, obtaining as many quality backlinks as you can is essential for the success of your SEO campaign. Fortunately, there are many great methods to achieve that, including strategies that involve social media, creating how-to posts on relevant websites, publishing entries on relevant forums and working with influencers.

Things to Consider When Posting a Company Blog

Denver SEO agency blogging strategy

Blogging, like any other business activity, must have a purpose and a plan in order to have the best results based on the time and resources invested. That is, you must have a blog with a strategy based on business goals. A comprehensive Denver SEO agency blogging strategy includes the following important steps:

  • defining the targets
  • finding out the “ideal buyer”
  • analyzing the competition
  • developing a keyword strategy
  • creating an editorial plan
  • determining the channels used to promote the blog

If you do not have a well-developed strategy you may end up in a critical situation where you can waste your time and resources. For example, if you write an article without studying your keywords, it will likely be lost in the large Google or Bing results and will have a limited number of views from your target audience. You must have a blog with a well-established editorial calendar to make sure you publish articles strategically and that you do not run out of ideas for new texts.

When you invest time and resources in a blog, you will want them to be read and distributed by the ideal customers. If no one finds and reads the articles, then there is no point in writing them. Understanding the value of a blog and its benefits to a business is essential to stay active in the process.