How SEO and Email Marketing Can Be Used for a Powerful Marketing Strategy

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Search engine optimization, usually referred to simply as SEO, is the process of attracting more visitors to a website and a strategy that is today considered an essential part of any marketing strategy. Email marketing – the process of sending out promotional messages to people who have consented to receiving such messages – is one of the oldest SEO techniques and also a method that has never lost its efficiency. Here is how to include it into your marketing mix:

  • Don’t overdo it – figure out the ideal frequency of your promotional emails – messages should not be too far apart, but they should not be too frequent either, otherwise you risk that your addressee will unsubscribe to stop the flood of messages from you;
  • Formulate your messages with your goal in mind – your messages should be relevant and intriguing, offering information that is of interest to the reader and challenging the reader to take action, too. Pay attention to the form as well – email messages that are formatted correctly and that use images are more enjoyable and they raise interest more efficiently;
  • Send out thank you messages and greetings regularly – periodic thank you messages and greetings for birthdays and for holidays are great for increasing customer loyalty.

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3 Ways to Connect SEO with Your Social Media Campaigns

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There are many SEO strategies that you can use to achieve the desired results, one of the most efficient options being the inclusion of the tools provided by social media platforms. Here are some efficient ways to connect social media activities and your SEO strategy:

  • Use your social media profiles strategically – sharing social media content via the social networking profiles that you set up for your brand is a great way to get your message through and to attract new audience to your website. While you are at it, be aware that Google punishes duplicate contents, so make sure that you do not overuse your contents;
  • Use optimized content – the content that you share via social media needs to fulfill the same criteria as content used on websites: it needs to be unique, informative and it is a good idea to include images, charts, statistics, interesting quotes, maybe even videos to make your content more informative and more attractive as well;
  • Cross promoting – Accomplished Denver SEO agency professionals affirm that one of the most important techniques is to use content that includes a link to take interested users directly to your website and to edit your website and blog content to link directly to your social media pages as well.

4 Ways to Bring Traffic to Your Blog

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Building a great blog is hard work, so you surely want that effort to be seen and appreciated by others. To achieve that, your blog needs to be visible, it needs to be displayed for as many searches as possible – here are some great methods to make that happen:

  • Use guest posting – your readers are probably following relevant blogs in your niche already, therefore publishing guest posts are great for connecting with your ideal audience. Be prepared that your requests to have your guest posts published might be rejected by some blogs, but if the contents you publish on your own blog are of good quality, you will get approved soon;
  • Use social media – you will first of all need to pick the most relevant platform, then create an attractive profile for your blog and start communicating with your audience directly;
  • Use images and videos in all your posts – visual materials are highly appreciated by search engines and they increase the visibility of your blog, attracting more traffic to your contents. Real life images are the best;
  • Optimize your content – Per hardworking Denver SEO agency professionals the title of each post should contain the keyword that is the most relevant for the content and the content should also contain the most relevant keywords with the right density.

3 Must Have Types of Content for Your Digital Strategy

If you have an online business and you are now working on your digital strategy, you surely know how important and effective content marketing is.

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Here are the three must-have content types to include into your strategy:

  • Videos – according to the statistics, video content is immeasurably more efficient than any kind of written content, that is why any efficient digital campaign includes video clips for introducing the business to the website’s visitors as well as for presenting its products and services. You can further increase the efficiency of your campaign if you use your videos not only on your website, but on social media and video streaming platforms as well;
  • Infographics – the type of content is great for breaking the monotony of long, written texts and it is also great for summarizing data in an eye-catching and easy to understand way. A Denver SEO agency with a great reputation affirms that the solution has been increasing in popularity in B2B business models, but today, it is becoming common for B2C as well;
  • Case studies – this type of content is great for providing the visitors of your website with insight about your products and services have solved various problems and how they can solve the reader’s problems, too.

Top 3 Black Hat SEO Techniques to Avoid in 2021

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Search engine results page rankings are essential indicators of a website’s success – the higher the ranking, the wider the exposure of the website and the wider the exposure, the higher the number of the website’s visitors. From the point of view of approval by search engines, there are two types of techniques aimed at improving search engine rankings: White hat techniques used by a Denver SEO agency with integrity, are considered legitimate and appreciated by search engines.  Black hat techniques that might seem like a quick fix, are disapproved of by search engines. Here are some methods from the latter category that you should avoid:

  • Publishing duplicate content – when a search is launched by an internet user, search engines crawl your website to look for relevant content. If they find duplicate content, they will ignore any content that is not unique and will penalize the website with worse rankings;
  • Keyword stuffing – repeating the same keyword too many times within the same content, even in places where it lacks relevance also leads to worse rankings;
  • Fluffy, irrelevant guest posts – guest posting is a great tool to improve search engine rankings, but only if the posts reflect expertise, if they are relevant and helpful for the members of the community. Anything of a lesser quality will lead to decreased rankings.

SEO vs. PPC – What is the Difference

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SEO and PPC are both digital marketing techniques, but the two approaches are very different in terms of the situations in which they are used, the particular goals as well as the type of the desired results. Here are some of the most important differences that you should know about:

  • Costs – the pay per click process practically means that you will have to pay the search engine’s fee whenever an internet user clicks on your ad and only when it gets clicked on. The SEO process, on the other hand, does not involve such direct costs, the related expenses being composed of the overheads related to your SEO activities, the salaries of the people working on the process or the agency that you hire;
  • Website traffic – a Denver SEO agency with extensive experience confirms that the traffic you attract through SEO efforts is more substantial and the effects are more durable, though more difficult to achieve;
  • Ease of use – both methods require a well-planned, strategic approach, but SEO is usually a longer, much more complex process;
  • The purpose – SEO is the process of improving the ranking of your website for your targeted keywords, while PPC is usually more suitable for achieving success with particular campaigns. If your website is relatively new and you want a launch a promotional campaign, the best way to start is with PPC, followed soon by a complex SEO strategy.

What is a Landing Page and How Can it Benefit Your Business

The landing page is an essential component of any website, the page on which visitors are taken when they click on the URL in a marketing message sent via email or as text message or on the link displayed on search engine result pages. The standalone page is designed specifically for the purposes of advertising and they usually contain a strong call to action to encourage the visitor to browse the website’s offer, to make a purchase on the website or to order the services available on the website.

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The landing page is the first page that your visitors see, so content and appearance will determine your visitor’s first impression about your website as well as about your company. Denver SEO agency website builders confirm that a good landing page can boost the success of your website by increasing your conversion rates, therefore getting the design of the page right is essential. Ideally, your landing page should feature a clean design, free from distractions and it should focus on encouraging the visitor to take action, either by making a subscription to your services or by making a purchase. It should also be in harmony with your ad copies and it should feature a simple to use button that takes the visitor to actual product pages.

The Key to Ranking Your Local Business in Google

Innovative Denver SEO agency pros confirm that when it comes to any local SEO strategy, an essential first step is to claim and verify the registration of your local business with Google My Business. Using GMB can prove to be very helpful for increasing your chances of appearing in Google Local Finder, Local Pack, Google Maps, and organic rankings in general. Eligible local businesses can apply for this registration for free and include information about their business, such as address, phone number, working hours, types of payment etc.

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Many local companies claim their GMB listing but soon forget about it, although there are a number of features that Google offers to optimize your listing and ranking your local business.


  • If you organize an event (such as a webinar or a seminar), you can create an Event Post using a date, as well as start and end time, then add the link to the registration page.
  • Do you have a sale, during a certain period of the year? Create a “Sale” Event Post.
  • Do you have an interesting blog post? Add a short description and a link to it.
  • Do you have a new product you want to present? Display an image of it and post information about where people can make the purchase.
  • Do you want to spread the joy of the holidays? Post a specific message.

Getting Started with Facebook Messenger Ads

1.3 billion people use Messenger every month, so it is easy to see why the platform is such a successful tool for advertisers and why implementing the Facebook Messenger Ads is such a great decision. The solution not only has huge potential, it is also easy to get started with – here are some things that you should know:

–         Various types of ads to choose from – you can choose sponsored ads that allow you to send personalized messages to users that you have already interacted with on Facebook or Click-to-Messenger ads if you want your ads to appear on Facebook News Feed as well as on Instagram Feed;

–         Special benefits – with Messenger Ads, you will find reaching your audience easier and faster. You can engage into live chat conversations instantly, which means that you can establish a much more personal type of contact with your customers. The solution also allows for better local targeting, which will, in turn, boost your local sales. The tool makes it possible for marketers not only to cherish their relationship with existing customers, but also to set up contact with potential customers, thus building and consolidating brand awareness and transforming leads into actual, paying and loyal new customers. For more about these benefits, you will want to talk to internet marketing Denver SEO agency specialists.

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Different Types of Digital Marketing

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  1. Content creation

This type of digital marketing involves creating and distributing content – text, images, multimedia – that adds value to your audience, instead of just sending an advertising message.

If you are in B2C (business to consumer), “content” can mean social media posts, blog posts, and fun videos; if you are in B2B (business to business), there could be more case studies or reports, webinars and educational videos.

  1. SEO

SEO does what the name says: search engine optimization. This means creating content that people are actively looking for, as well as ensuring that this content and the platforms on which it is located are SEO and technically optimized.

  1. Google Ads

Paid ads on Google Ads look almost the same as normal results, except that they appear at the top of the page, in the top 1-5 positions, with the word “Ad”.

  1. Social media marketing

Compared to other channels, such as TV, print and even online advertising, social networks add a new possibility of interaction with potential customers. Instead of just sending messages to a mass audience, you can interact with your customers and listen to what they have to say.

  1. Email marketing

This is a tool used successfully especially by e-commerce sites and retail companies. It has good results by advertising promotions and seasonal discounts and you can also use it to send newsletters.

Get Found Fast, a Denver SEO agency with proven results for a variety of industries, can help your company meet and exceed 2021 objectives using their expertise in all the above areas.