Social Signals for SEO: Using Social Media for Improving on Google

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The term social signals refers to the shares, likes and other elements of social media visibility as they are perceived by search engines. The principal goals of search engines include the provision of relevant content to their users. To be able to do that, search engines evaluate the quality of the contents published on websites using various criteria, one of them being the frequency with which an URL comes up in searches. As a significant amount of communication and content publishing has moved to social media platforms, Google has extended the evaluation and assessment process to social media platforms, awarding higher rankings to the companies that have more social signals.

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To meet search engine requirements, the businesses that are looking for better positions on search engine results pages are today including targeted social medial campaigns into their digital strategies. The techniques used include regular, preferably daily postings and replies to the comments of followers, publishing images, launching contests and offering giveaways regularly, partnering with other brands and announcing the partnerships.

The best way to use social signals is to have a talented Denver SEO company create a targeted strategy and to dedicate the necessary energy to the communication with your client base – the efforts will soon bring fruits, in the form of higher rankings for the most relevant keywords.



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