Should Your SEO Company Also Place Your Traditional Media?

Advertising in the local or national printed media, on television and radio and combining these ads and commercial spots with digital advertising is usually the ideal marketing mix. However, both traditional and digital advertising are complex processes that take knowledge and experience to do well. Each form of advertising and each type of media requires specific and specialized knowledge, which also means that a digital marketing specialist might know exactly how to design and implement an online advertising campaign company, but they might not know how to shoot a commercial spot and vice versa, a marketing specialist who has been running successful campaigns in traditional media might have no idea how to create a successful digital campaign.

Denver seo marketing campaign

However, you can still have the best of both worlds – here are some tips from a talented Denver SEO expert :

  • Choose a large agency – many large marketing companies have separate departments with experts who specialize in various types of media. You will probably not have one account manager to handle your ads published in traditional outlets as well as your digital campaign, but two, one specialist for each;
  • Choose two agencies that collaborate – synchronization is key for the success of any marketing effort, so if you cannot find what you need from one company, hire two, but make sure they collaborate during the design as well as in the implementation phase.


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