Quick SEO Tip: How To Use Content Marketing To Generate More Relevant Leads

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All we ever hear nowadays is that “Content is King”

Who crowned content king and when? Most of us weren’t there but content claimed the crown from the very first day Google started dominating the internet.

Google is a text-based search engine.

Content tells Google what kind of company you are and how to find you. From 1998, when Google first came around to now, content has ruled supreme. However, there have been some spammy tactics that tried to overtake it. Those tactics, like medieval wizards and goblins, have all but disappeared making content more valuable than ever before.

How does content help people find you and turn into leads?

1. Speak The Same Language

>When you write good content keep in mind the people who interact with your business – It’s about them. Most companies talk about themselves which is a huge turn-off for people who are trying to find a solution.

How can you help them and what are their pain points? The point of content is to provide useful information. The Google search bar is a mean for millions of people to find a solution, or answer a question to a problem they may have.

Your content should address all the different phases this might fall into. If you have a steakhouse you could write about what kind of cows the steak comes from, what you feed the cows, the different types of steak, how to cook your steak, steak recipes or steak specials you’re running for the month.

All of this content is aimed to educate your customers but also to rank you higher in search engines. If you provide useful information and people can relate to your story, they will be more inclined to eat your steaks.

The old way of marketing is keeping people in the dark – Now it’s transparency.

2. Make Them An Offer They Can’t Refuse

If someone is reading about steaks they are in the research phase. You can guide them to make a decision to come to your steak restaraunt by delighting them with useful information they can tell their friends about.

If you talk about yourself you aren’t addressing any of their wants or needs. Aim to educate and people will be more willing to come in and eat a steak.

As you let them know in a subtle way why your steaks are better that others, you could slip in a coupon. For example, as they read through all your articles, there would be a 20% off steak dinner for two on the page.

This will give them an incentive to come in after learning about your steaks. This also presents another opportunity when they come in and eat.

If they come in and eat, everything tastes great and they have a good time, they will go out and tell their friends and family.

This excellent experience combined with the discount will lead to sharing about the experience. People will tell their friends and family, share it on Facebook, Twitter and could also give you a positive review on Google.

Social proof is a powerful way to generate leads for your business. This can all be done through consistent content marketing. This one experience can bring back way more leads and revenue than it took writing a good piece of content and sharing it on social media.

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