Quick SEO Tip: Embrace Social Media

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SEO is best taken in a little bit at a time. There is a lot that goes into a search engine optimization and getting found is part art and part science. While you have to be creative there are also simple things you can do right away that will have an immediate return.

One of the biggest ones is Social Media. Social media can be a place to cultivate leads and also convert sales if done correctly. The old in your face way of advertising is a huge turnoff but if you’re subtle and focus on engagement you can be successful.

Lets breakdown how social media can turbo charge your website and boost it’s ranking.

1. The Places That Matter The Most

Social media gets both the best and worst out of people. As a business you can use it to find and create positive experiences for people.

You can find clusters of people who are interested in your business instead of wasting advertising efforts on people who don’t care. These people will talk about and share positive experiences about your business turbo charinging your marketing efforts.

Creating a community on Facebook can also drive traffic to your website. When you post and engage people in those communities you can maximize your exposure and drive traffic to your website. Fans of your company love it when you interact with them. They will then tell their friends and family creating word of mouth advertising and social proof.

2. Boost Your Rank

Search Engine Optimization and Social Media are merging. Social signals are going to become a bigger factor in Google’s search algorithm. Google and Twitter made a deal where their tweets will get indexed.

When people join Twitter it’s to follow and interact with their favorite athletes, celebrities, companies and politicians. While people may not call your company they will interact with it on twitter. This gives you an excellent opportunity to reach out and delight influencers who will share and tell other people about the positive experience they had with your company.

As your tweets get indexed into the Google servers it will create powerful social backlinks to your website. Tweeting out a link back to your website can also help it get indexed faster.

These are just two ways that social media can help your business right away. There are thousands of companies driving traffic and creating leads on their website through social media right now. Social Media isn’t something you should force your IT department to do. It takes a different skill set to learn and master.

If you’re interested in a complete Social Media analysis of your website use the link below. One of our digital marketing experts will follow up with you in 24 hours.


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