Marketing your Business – Why nothing has really changed

May 30, 2019SEO0 comments

The year was 400 B.C.   Phil just finished putting the finishing touches on his new invention.  It was a piece of Yak intestine, about a foot long, that when tied around his bison ear moccasin helped keep the shoes snug and secure on his feet.  1,000 years later they called it a shoelace.

denver seo and digital marketing costsPhil knew he had something of value.  Something he could trade for things he needed, like fresh food, water or a beard trimmer.  He just needed to get the word out.

For thousands of years marketing has been the number one challenge for businesses.  To sell your goods or services, businesses need to know how to bring their message to the market and it will cost them something to do so.

20 years ago a local business would think nothing of spending upwards of $50,000 a year on a yellow page ad. You could spend twice that in a local newspaper.  Radio and TV, still an effective means to market today, have rates that really have not changed much in two decades.

Why would we think because it’s “the internet” it should be cheap or even free?

Good marketing and advertising costs money.  If you are not ready to spend at least 5% of your revenue on marketing, you don’t have a real business (and it should really be closer to 10%). In the digital age there are many ways to target your messaging: Social media, SEO, digital ads, YouTube and countless others.  The wonderful thing is unlike traditional media, you have the ability to see the data and track your ROI.

With all these options to market in the digital world, it can get confusing.  Consider using a digital agency that can help guide you in this essential aspect of your business. Because like it has always been, “The Medium IS the Message!

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