Are You Making Mistakes on Social Media?

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Social media is not new to businesses. In fact, we would be very surprised if you didn’t have a Facebook or a Twitter (If you don’t, you definitely need to talk with us at Get Found Fast!). Using these platforms can help your business generate a large amount of traffic to your business’s site but be careful because that power also has ways of hurting your business too.

Take a look at this article from Forbes on some of the big DON’TS of social media. If you find that your business is committing some of these offenses it may be time for you to get some help managing your social accounts.

10 Social Media Mistakes That Are Killing Your Business
As important as it is to be on top of the latest new social media trends, it’s also equally important to be constantly cleansing your social media strategy from consistent mistakes.
When you’re so “in the trenches” in your plan, it’s hard to notice the simple, but harmful mistakes your business might be making. So as we get deeper in 2017, here are 10 things you’ll want to stop doing before it’s too late. See more…
Hope you found this article as insightful as we did. If you would like to learn more about how to implement a solid social media marketing plan contact us today.



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