Is Video Marketing Good for SEO?

Including videos into your SEO strategy is an excellent, efficient way to make your contents more personal and to prove to search engines that your contents are interesting and relevant.

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Here is how those materials can boost your search engine rankings and gain appreciation for your site:

  • Combine text and visuals – text descriptions of your products and services is essential, but providing videos about them is an even better, easier to understand way to attract customer interest and to earn the appreciation of search engines as well;
  • A better user experience – according to statistics, people spend more time on websites that have videos that on sites that have only text, so videos are a great way to improve user experience. Strong Denver SEO specialists will tell you that a great video educates and entertains the viewer and will encourage your viewers to come back to your website for guidance and information, therefore videos are great for increasing the loyalty of your audience as well;
  • More backlinks – the number and the quality of your backlinks is an essential parameter used by search engine algorithms while evaluating websites. As people are more willing to share videos than plain text, using videos is a very efficient way to generate high-quality, organic backlinks toward your site.

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