Is Organic SEO Better Than PPC and Other Targeted Types of Promotion?

Dec 27, 2021SEO0 comments

Denver SEO companies

Organic SEO and targeted advertising methods are the two major types of promotion campaigns used by savvy Denver SEO companies today – while organic methods are aimed at attracting visitors and turning them into customers in a natural way, by providing useful content, valuable information and outstanding user experience, targeted methods use ads and other promotional materials to inform audiences directly about a particular promotion and to launch a strong call to action.

As you see, organic SEO and targeted campaigns are different in scope as well as in terms of the techniques used. The effects of organic methods take longer to be noticeable, but they also last longer, while targeted methods bring almost instant results, but with short-term effects. In terms of costs, SEO is more cost effective – many of the tools used are completely free to use -, while targeted campaigns can be quite costly, just think of PPC campaigns, in which the marketer pays wherever their ad is clicked on by an interested internet user.

To conclude, whether organic SEO or targeted methods are better depends entirely on the goal – if the marketer’s the purpose is to build a solid customer base and the marketer is willing to put in all the time and effort needed, organic SEO is the way to go, but if quick results are needed, PPC or targeted ad campaigns work better.


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