How Your Domain Name Makes A SEO Impact

Oct 12, 2019SEO0 comments

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If your website contains valuable, relevant and original content, the domain name that you choose can become an important marketing feature that has a direct influence on the success of your SEO campaign. According to an established Denver seo company, here is how:

  • Initial information for your potential customers – your domain name will not boost your website’s rankings directly, but if it is chosen well, it will provide information about who you are and what you do. It can also make your business stand out in many ways – it can have a note of fun or can be otherwise relevant for your business;
  • Using the right extension – if you are planning to target a market located in a specific geographic region, such as a specific country, choosing a domain name with the extension indicative of that country will surely help with local results;
  • Easy to read domain names for an easy to remember brand – using a domain name that is free from spelling errors as well as free from special characters that could complicate the words in the name is an excellent way to help your potential customers remember your brand, even if they don’t become your customers instantly.


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