Learn How to use LinkedIn to Quickly Grow Your Brand’s Influence

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Quickly Grow Your Brand’s Influence Using LinkedIn

Learn how to use LinkedIn

Learning how to use LinkedIn can benefit your brand in ways you might not have thought of. LinkedIn is more than just a way to check out what your colleagues are doing these days. LinkedIn, a powerful social networking site for professionals, is widely used to find job opportunities and network with other people around the world.

Many brands are still not using it as a marketing platform despite its popularity and growing user base. They prefer to focus their efforts on the main social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter.

It is imperative that brands understand the unique position LinkedIn holds in today’s digital age. This makes LinkedIn a powerful tool for increasing their brand’s influence.


LinkedIn is a powerful social media platform by itself

LinkedIn is a well-known social network that has existed for many years. It was launched before Facebook. LinkedIn isn’t a passing fad. LinkedIn is a well-established social media network that has been around for a long time. It’s also regarded favorably by users, as it was voted the most trusted social media network in the United States.

It doesn’t have the same number of users as other social networks. It’s important to keep in mind that social networks can have many users. LinkedIn is primarily a business-oriented social network that attracts professionals. It also boasts impressive numbers. LinkedIn boasted nearly 800 million members around the world at last count.

LinkedIn has evolved over the years to become a professional network. It is not just a platform for recruiting. LinkedIn users can upload content, stream video, and do many other things. LinkedIn content gets 15x more views than job postings.

You may be surprised to learn that LinkedIn is the most popular network for B2B content marketing. To be exact, 96% of them use it. These are just a few of many statistics. LinkedIn is a powerful social media platform that has many more benefits.


LinkedIn’s unique market positioning opens up new opportunities for brands

LinkedIn’s unique market positioning opens up new opportunities for brands

LinkedIn was built from the ground up as a professional platform. LinkedIn was originally created as a platform for recruiting. People could create profiles and be scouted to find new jobs. You can also search for new jobs through LinkedIn and apply.

It has evolved over time to become a powerful social media platform, so learning how to use LinkenIn is important. LinkedIn is preferred by thought leaders to upload content. This allows them to reach an immediate audience of like-minded people. This allows for higher engagement and organic reach which is becoming increasingly rare on traditional social networks.

Because LinkedIn is the only major competitor, overlap is also minimized. It exists within its own bubble, with a target audience that is well aware of the fact that LinkedIn is where they need to go to achieve their professional goals.

This is what makes LinkedIn stand out among the other social media networks. Because it is the only platform that fits the needs of its target audience, it seeks it out. A user may find TikTok easier to use than Facebook, so they might not use it at all.


How to use LinkedIn to boost your brand’s influence

use LinkedIn to boost your brand's influence

  1. It can be used to tell the story of your brand

LinkedIn’s core audience is ready to engage with brands, and especially market leaders. These people are actively looking for content from these companies, and they want to understand the thought processes of the people behind them.

LinkedIn can help you use this eagerness to your benefit by telling your brand’s story. It’s a way to motivate followers and share valuable content. This strategy is great for increasing brand visibility via LinkedIn.

LinkedIn’s influence will grow as more people view your content.


  1. Host a live video conversatin

Video content is king online. LinkedIn makes it possible to stream live video on the platform. LinkedIn users, like all social media users, prefer video content.

Brands can host live video sessions via LinkedIn to increase their influence. This can range from a fireside chat, a roundtable discussion, or even a townhall with dozens of employees and executives.

People prefer to watch videos than read long blog posts. When trying to increase your brand’s influence via LinkedIn, live video can prove to be extremely powerful.


  1. Employee advocacy can help you shine a positive light onto your brand

LinkedIn is a great platform for authenticity. To reach their target audience more effectively, brands can rely upon employee advocacy.

Employees who stand behind the company’s products are always a positive sign. Your brand’s visibility will increase if your employees are willing to vouch for it online.


  1. Rely on user-generated content to create buzz

LinkedIn is a social networking site, so user-generated content has a tendency to perform well. To increase brand visibility and organic reach, brands need to engage in conversation. There is no better way to do this than by sharing content from users.

Ask your followers to share content about their professional goals and their vision for the industry. You can also ask your followers for their opinions and suggestions to help you spark a conversation that will lead to greater visibility.


  1. Put a spotlight on your social good campaigns

People love to support brands they value and see them giving back to their community. Social good campaigns serve a dual purpose. They are great marketing tools, but also an excellent way for brands make a difference.

This content is a good fit for LinkedIn and any other social media networks. By highlighting causes that they support, brands can increase their reach on the social media network.


LinkedIn should be a pillar of your social media marketing strategy

LinkedIn is a pillar of a holistic social media strategy. LinkedIn is the only professional social media network, so learning how to use LinkedIn in your marketing strategy is key. There is a lot to be gained.

These are just a few steps that brands can use to control the LinkedIn narrative. This will allow them to attract more professionals and build a strong reputation on LinkedIn.

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