How To Use Design to Get More Leads from Landing Pages

Aug 13, 2021SEO0 comments

Denver SEO firm

Landing pages are essential components of any website – the page to which the visitors are taken after they click on a website URL on the search results page. Being the first page that the visitor sees, the design of the landing page and the content it features is vital for keeping the visitor on the page by raising interest for the other pages of the website. Here are some tips from a competitive Denver SEO firm about how to design an attractive, informative landing page that can efficiently increase your site’s conversion rates:

  • Components of an impactful design – a good landing page is pleasing to the eye, with harmonious colors, possibly the colors that you use in your logo. The layout of the text is also important – you should never cram the page with text and you should pay attention to having clearly differentiated titles for the paragraphs in the text;
  • Use a clear call to action – the goal of the landing page is to engage the visitor and to promote further interaction. Formulate a clear and easy to follow call to action, such as the invitation to subscribe to your newsletter, to download a free trial or to buy your service or product;
  • Make the page easy to use – visitors don’t like entering long texts, so make it easier for them to use your page by adding checkboxes and buttons. Optimizing the page for mobile devices is also very important.


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