How to Set Up Google Analytics – A Step-by-Step Guide

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Create your Google Analytics account.

Access the official Google Analytics page and click on the Create an account link. You should create a Google Account that can be accessed even with a non-Gmail email address.

Set the tracking code.

After registering as a Google Analytics user, you will be redirected to a page where your tracking code is located. That code must be entered in the site source, by the developer you are working with, or in a predefined field.

Exclude internal IPs.

This can be done from the Admin/ All Filters/ New Filter menu, from where you select the following options from the dropdown menus:

“Exclude”> “traffic from the IP addresses”> “that are equal to”. Then enter the IP you want to exclude.

Set up custom alerts.

Link your Google Adwords and Google Webmaster Tools accounts to your Analytics account. This helps you to monitor more easily the performance of your campaigns, to figure out when they need to be improved and what actions must be taken in this regard.

Set goals.

In order to really measure the performance of a website, you must set clear objectives (SMART). From the Admin/ View/ Goals menu you can add a maximum of 20 goals.

Site search – The setting is made from the menu Admin/ View Settings/ Site Search Tracking, where search parameters must be entered in the Query.

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