How to Scale Your Agency with Automated Client Reporting

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If you work for or own a marketing agency, you surely know that providing your clients with regular progress reports is key to building and maintaining the trust of those clients. In the beginning, when an agency is small and has only a few clients, the reporting process can still be handled manually, but reporting is often neglected by the agencies that have started on a path of rapid growth.

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Providing accurate, well-formulated and well-formatted reports is essential at any stage of business growth, even when the personnel is struggling to find the time to prepare the documents – and that is when automated client reporting comes in handy. Automated reporting software tools used by many cost effective SEO Denver firms are applications that allow you to connect your account to various data sources, for example the ones used for tracking the results of SEO campaigns, and they retrieve data from those sources automatically. To make sense of the large volumes of data retrieved, you will still need to spend time reviewing the data to be included in your reports and you will also need to provide an interpretation of your own of the data presented, but even so, your reporting software will free up much time and energy that can go into further growing your agency.


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