How to Decide on the Best Marketing Tactics to Use for Your Product

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Denver SEO expert marketing strategies are so varied that choosing the best mix is surely difficult. However, coming up with the winner marketing mix isn’t impossible – here are a few tips for you:

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  • Think about your target group – try to figure out what type of media is most used by your target group and choose those channels to include into your marketing mix. If you decide to include online advertising as well, find out when your target group is online and time your ads to appear in that period;
  • Decide on the best way to contact your potential customers – for some businesses, placing cold calls is still the most efficient method, for others direct marketing works best and there are many that would benefit the most from a combination of available methods;
  • Experiment with various channels, but don’t hesitate to stop using one if it proves to be inefficient;
  • Test your marketing materials with a small group of people – tell your ideas to your friends and family members, show them your materials and listen to their opinions, especially if they belong to your target group. Provoke these people to express criticism – you will learn more from negative feedback than from praise.


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