How to Create a Better Blog Post

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The professionals at Get Found Fast know that blog posts are great for attracting readers as well as for establishing your business as a helpful one, willing to share useful information, thoughts and experience. These posts are usually short, concisely formulated entries that should ideally follow specific rules – here are some:

  • Know your audience and message that you want to transmit – create a profile of your target persona and figure out the topics and the style that they resonate with, then use your finding for creating the right content;
  • Straight to the point – blog posts are not for useless verbosity, so try to use short, informative sentences and avoid fillers and other unnecessary words. In the beginning, you will probably find it hard to create such direct content, that’s why it is a good idea to take your time to edit and re-edit your writing;
  • Create headlines that contain multiple keywords – research the keywords relevant for your topic and include as many of them as you can into your headlines. The method is great for optimizing your posts and to help them rank higher on search engine results pages;
  • Take your time to write a powerful first sentence – the first sentence is what will convince your reader to read on, so it is the most essential part of your entire post.

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