How SEO and Email Marketing Can Be Used for a Powerful Marketing Strategy

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Search engine optimization, usually referred to simply as SEO, is the process of attracting more visitors to a website and a strategy that is today considered an essential part of any marketing strategy. Email marketing – the process of sending out promotional messages to people who have consented to receiving such messages – is one of the oldest SEO techniques and also a method that has never lost its efficiency. Here is how to include it into your marketing mix:

  • Don’t overdo it – figure out the ideal frequency of your promotional emails – messages should not be too far apart, but they should not be too frequent either, otherwise you risk that your addressee will unsubscribe to stop the flood of messages from you;
  • Formulate your messages with your goal in mind – your messages should be relevant and intriguing, offering information that is of interest to the reader and challenging the reader to take action, too. Pay attention to the form as well – email messages that are formatted correctly and that use images are more enjoyable and they raise interest more efficiently;
  • Send out thank you messages and greetings regularly – periodic thank you messages and greetings for birthdays and for holidays are great for increasing customer loyalty.

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