How Has Digital Marketing Changed Since Its First Days

Dec 19, 2019Digital Marketing0 comments

Digital marketing has been around for over three decades. Since the first advertisers turned to the world wide web to present and to offer their products and services, the technique has become much more complex – desktop computers are no longer the only devices that digital marketing campaigns need to accommodate today and the huge growth in the number of internet users worldwide has also contributed to the transformations that have taken place at the level of digital marketing best practices.

The first computer software packages intended for marketing purposes were programs used for designing marketing materials to be printed. The advertising landscape changed in 1994, when the first mass-market browser named Netscape was released. The tool facilitated the availability of services and products over the internet and it also made e-mailing one of the most important methods of communication. During this initial period, marketers started experimenting with methods that are avoided today, such as keyword stuffing, the following stage of digital marketing being one of development in the field of streamlined and ethical industry best practices. The process was further aided by the rapid evolution of computers as well as of data technologies – the emergence of big data, the techniques and technologies used for accessing and using big data, the emergence of social networking has brought digital marketing closer to target groups and a process of communication with existing and potential customers, in the ways preferred by the customers addressed.

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