How Can SEO Be Combined with Social Media Marketing?

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Social media is used by billions of people each day, many of whom spend online time only on social networking platforms, sourcing the products they need and finding the information they on interested in through their social media profiles. This aspect has radically changed the way that websites are optimized for search engines, making social media marketing and integral and essential part of any good SEO strategy. Here are some tips from a favored Denver SEO company about how to integrate your company’s social media presence into your SEO strategy:

  • Share website content on social media – after you have set up an attractive social media profile for your company, you can start using that profile for sharing relevant and interesting information with your followers on your social on that social media platform. That relevant content can include information about upcoming events in your company’s life, helpful how-to articles, videos, whatever you consider important and interesting for your audience;
  • Engage into direct interaction with your audience – you can use your social media profile to encourage direct communication with your customers. This means that reading and responding to the commands that you have on your company profile should be made an integral and important part of your SEO efforts.


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