How a Negative Review can Actually Help Your Business

Jul 23, 2020Internet Marketing0 comments

According to GFF pros offer advice on dealing with negative reviewsGFF digital marketing pros, negative opinions received from customers will not necessarily destroy your business, but can actually help you grow, if you approach them constructively.

Some customers may identify a defect in one of your products. Negative feedback from those who bought that product will stop other consumers from purchasing it, but that means you will have a much lower rate of returns. In the meantime, you can explain that you found out about that malfunction and that you already contacted the manufacturer to fix the problem. You can also recommend another similar product that has not the same problem.

If you have the human and time resources, it is good to answer all the negative online reviews that refer to concrete things. But you don’t have to take into account every general criticism, which does not refer to a specific situation or a real purchase, because there are also malicious reviews.

If you respond to a negative review, the goal is not to get the customer to change their mind, especially if their opinion was formed after using the product. Do not try to show that the customer is wrong. But you can write your reply with future customers in mind and show that you are open to feedback and constantly improving your business.

Treat you customer reviews seriously, responds calmly, offer arguments and examples. In this way, negative reviews can actually help you convince people that you have good intentions and you run a business they can trust.


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