Geo Pages Vs. Unique Website URL’s For Each Location – What’s Better SEO?

Aug 28, 2020Search Engine Optimization0 comments

When it comes to the structure of the website that you use for servicing multiple locations, you have several, very important decisions to make, including the choice between geo-targeted landing pages and using a separate website for each of the locations. While having a separate site for each of your targeted areas might seem like a solution that impresses your local audience by offering each of your areas a dedicated website, it is actually a solution that is very clumsy, costly and difficult to manage.

Denver SEO company landing page specialist

According to a Denver SEO company landing page specialist, the solution that you are looking for is in fact geo-targeting – here are some things to know about the method and some benefits:

  • What geo-targeting is – the solution allows you to find out the locations where your business is the most sought-for and to use a single website that integrates all your locations. Each location will have its own webpage, but they will be all visible on a map to make navigation easier for the user;
  • The benefits of geo-targeted content – geo-targeting is a great way to increase your local relevance as well as for audience engagement. The method will help your spread the information regarding your promotions more efficiently at a local level and will also increase the efficiency of your marketing efforts.


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