Facebook Advertising Updates You Need to Know

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Facebook is constantly releasing important updates, many of which have an impact on the advertising campaigns that use the platform. Here are some of the most recent ones of these updates, important changes that you should know about:

  • A great tool for businesses to make a social impact – the site allows businesses of any size to find fundraisers tools as well as advice about how companies can launch awareness campaigns with maximum impact;
  • A discounting feature introduced on Facebook Shops – the tool allows shop owners to implement automatic discounts to individual products or to the shop’s entire inventory, to offer promo codes and run various campaigns;
  • Integrated messaging in Messenger – this update allows businesses to manage messaging from various platforms in one place. The messages coming from customers via Instagram, Shops and Stories can now be handled on a single interface;
  • Ad limits are being rolled out – some time ago, Facebook announced that they will limit the number of campaigns that can be run on individual pages. The limits will be implemented starting from 2021 February and will allow small to medium pages to run 250 ads, the permitted volume going up to 20,000 ads for the largest pages. If you want to learn more about how facebook advertising can benefit your business, contact digital marketing SEO Denver Get Found Fast experts.


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