Customer Touch-points You May Be Missing

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A customer touch-point is any sort of interaction with existing and potential customers before, during and after the purchase and it consists of all the places and times where and when your audience come into contact with your brand.

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The first things that you need to do to determine whether you maximize your use of touch-points is to make a list with the actual points of contact. Use three columns – one for the touch-points before purchase, one column for the points during the purchase and one for the points after the purchase. Pioneering Denver SEO company GFF customer support reps tell us that the most common touch-points will include social media, online ratings, reviews and testimonials, catalogs, meetings in your physical store, purchases through your website, contact through your sales staff, community involvement, billing and contact with your help center or with your help center. There are certain points that many marketers miss, so check your list to see if it includes the following: welcome emails sent to new subscribers, thank you cards to acknowledge purchases, invites to inform your subscribers about upcoming events and up-sell promotions. If you have also missed these points and you consider them suitable for your marketing strategy in some form, figure out how to include them, too.


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