Contractor SEO Done Right! | A Guide to SEO for Contractors

Mar 31, 2022SEO

The Contractor SEO Guide You Need

SEO for ContractorsWhy do you need contractor SEO? People looking for contractors or service providers in their area no longer turn to the Yellow Pages to find the most suitable candidates. Thanks to technological advancements over the past few decades, people can now pick up their smartphones and find local services after a quick Google search. This means that for businesses to thrive, it’s important to create a good online presence. Suppose you’ve already enlisted the help of an SEO company for contractors and have not seen any growth. In that case, it may be time to switch to a contractor SEO company that knows how to create an effective SEO strategy to help your website and, ultimately, your business grow. At Get Found Fast, we are experts at search engine optimization and digital marketing and can help your local business grow into a national or international brand. Contact us today to find out more about the services we offer!

Understanding Contractor SEO Services

Contractor SEOThe best marketing approach to take is SEO for contractors when promoting your contractor services. It uses both on-page and off-page features to your advantage. Since search engines like Google are driven by algorithms, it is critical to implement a range of SEO tactics to rank well on search results. These algorithms determine how a web browser identifies your website, crawls its content and metadata, and classifies it through a process called indexing. You will need to pay special attention to four main aspects when developing your online marketing strategy. They are content, local SEO, technical SEO, and link building, which we will discuss in greater detail later. Because Get Found Fast has extensive experience and expertise when it comes to search engine rankings and marketing a business online, we can offer you a custom contractor SEO strategy that is sure to improve your search rankings.

Why Is Search Engine Optimization Important?

With everything from routine checkups at the doctor to online shopping taking place in front of screens, a contractor needs a suitable contractor SEO plan if it wants to stand out from the competition and gain potential leads from search engine traffic. Half of all clients browse for services and products online, according to the UN Conference on Trade and Development. Furthermore, HubSpot discovered that more than 60 percent of all smartphone owners engage with a company they found through a Google search.

Contractor SEOThe majority of consumers shop online or find service providers online because it is convenient, quick, and dependable. According to a HubSpot Academy survey, 59 percent of shoppers feel the internet speeds up their decision-making process. What about SEO from the perspective of a business owner? According to the same HubSpot study, 86 percent of marketing specialists use organic traffic (which comes from their SEO efforts) as their major lead-generating tool. Besides, with an average conversion rate of 15 percent on SEO leads, what reason is there for a contracting company not to invest in various SEO efforts?

What SEO for Contractors Can Do for Your Business

The most obvious advantage of contractor SEO is a better search engine ranking. However, it isn’t the only advantage, and as search engines become more important in consumer behavior, these other advantages will become more apparent. Engaging SEO specialists has a number of advantages, including better brand awareness, a reduction in marketing costs, and more! Here are a few reasons why you should use our contractor SEO agency.

  1. Reduce Your Marketing Costs

Reducing marketing costAlthough the contractor SEO process involves an investment, employing this approach will give you a broader reach than other marketing methods. Your efforts will pay off in the long run. As your site becomes more authoritative and valuable in the eyes of search engines, you’ll be able to raise its prominence no matter when or where your target audience is looking for contractors. This means that you will not need to invest in other marketing efforts, saving you time and money!

  1. Better Brand Awareness

Brand AwarenessBuilding a prominent brand doesn’t just help customers remember you. It also helps you rank better in search results because search engines assign greater authority to websites with successful brands. The truth is that it may be necessary to conduct multiple searches before deciding which contractor to contact. People begin to recall your company’s name if it appears frequently in these search results. It won’t be long before they abandon the web browser and head straight to your website.

  1. Greater ROI

Return On InvestmentAll businesses exist for one main purpose: to generate a profit or return on investment (ROI). You have to see a return on your investment, no matter how much you invested. While SEO is a long-term approach that does not produce quick results, it does produce considerable results. When your SEO efforts are driven by a team of experienced, award-winning professionals, you will see the fruit of your SEO labor! When it comes to contractors, this means more telephone calls, requests for quotations, and chances to boost revenue and expand your business.

  1. Competitive Advantage

Competitive AdvantageBecause they have more money and larger marketing budgets, large corporations will always surpass you when it comes to traditional marketing approaches. However, because search engines determine how a website or webpage will rank, our website may outrank these large businesses if you focus your efforts on contractor SEO. This marketing strategy gives smaller businesses a chance to be seen, helping them grow, expand, and thrive in their niche.

What Helps Search Engines Rank Your Site Highly

As mentioned before, there are four elements that make a significant difference when it comes to digital marketing. We discuss these in greater detail in the sections below to give you an idea of what you can expect when you choose our personalized SEO strategy.

On-page SEO

The first stage in your SEO plan should be to create high-quality content. Anything that has to do with how you advertise your business online is referred to as content. This will include your blog, home page, social media posts, landing page, and more are all examples of on-page content.

On-page SEO
A great way to rank well on Google search results is to include certain keywords that Google’s algorithm can use to identify your website as a helpful one when a user searches for these keywords. We will do the necessary keyword research for you and help you plan your on-page elements in a way that helps you rank highly!

Local SEO

Local SEOThe goal of SEO is to make your online visibility for any search phrase. Local SEO focuses on promoting your business inside your specific geographical region, which is particularly useful for small businesses trying to rank higher than their competition in local searches. Depending on your needs, we will design a custom local SEO strategy to help your contracting business improve its local ranking.

Technical SEO

Many SEO companies tend to neglect technical SEO when devising digital marketing strategies. However, this is an important element for businesses that want to rank highly. Technical SEO involves focusing on the technical aspects of your website, such as web design, speed, and more, to improve the user experience when browsing your site.

Link Building

Link BuildingBacklinks from other authoritative websites show Google that your site is relevant and authoritative in your field. The purpose of link building is to create a diverse backlink profile, which we will help you achieve. What types of companies can benefit from SEO for contractors? Anybody who works as a general contractor! Electricians, plumbers, construction companies, landscapers, roofers, and home builders, are all included and will help you rank well!

Final Thoughts

The truth is that SEO isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Therefore, you should jump on the online marketing bandwagon and start growing your presence online with our professional and effective SEO services! Contractors need to take advantage of everything SEO can do for them. Our skilled team can help you improve your backlink profile, keyword research, enhance your local SEO, and even upgrade your site’s technical capability. Are you curious about how we can assist you and get your contractor SEO done right? To schedule a consultation, please contact us today!

Frequently Asked Questions

We answer some of your most pressing questions about contractor SEO for local businesses in the section below.

  1. What Is SEO?

The process of modifying and generating online content and coding that helps websites rank well on major search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing is referred to as SEO. Your site must first be designed so that a search engine can locate and crawl it. In addition, the site must be secure, fast, and include a mobile version. You’ll also need several web pages of original, unique, and optimized content. Finally, you must obtain references, backlinks, and citations from other sites to improve your ranking.

  1. What Contractor SEO Services Do We Offer?

When you sign up for our contractor SEO services, we will provide the following services:

  • Help with the technical aspects of your website
  • Tailor-made SEO campaigns
  • An SEO audit if you’re already working with an SEO company
  • Assistance with on-page elements
  • Getting your business in front of potential customers through local SEO strategies
  • Help with keyword research


  1. How Can SEO for Contractors Help My Small Business Grow?

By focusing on your SEO strategy and improving your ranking on search engines, you can reach your target market without investing large amounts of money on marketing. Since search engines look at a site’s authority, small businesses have the opportunity to reach more customers than ever before.

  1. What Sets Get Found Fast Apart from Other SEO Service Providers?

When you work with us for your contractor SEO needs, here are some of the advantages you can expect:

  • A dedicated account manager to handle your account and answer any questions you may have
  • Access to an award-winning, expert marketing team
  • SEO analytics and reporting
  • Traffic pattern analytics


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