Content Refreshing: How to Get More Traffic by Updating Old Content

Jun 24, 2021SEO0 comments

Get Found Fast

Creating and publishing new, original content is certainly the best way to maintain and to improve the ranking of your website or of your blog on search engines, but it is certainly a method that requires time, energy and creativity that is not always readily available. Fortunately, refreshing old content is also a great way to attract more traffic toward your website – here are some tips from local SEO marketing experts at Get Found Fast:

  • Add an intriguing title – rephrase the title of your articles to make them more intriguing, by adding a little mystery or by providing a clue to your readers about an important piece of information that they are going to find out if they read on. Keep it short, though – ideally, your titles should be around 10 words long;
  • Correct grammar and spelling – if you read your own old content, you will surely notice a couple of typos, grammar mistakes or clumsy phrasing. Correct them to improve the reading experience;
  • Tell the search engine that your content is new – make sure that you refresh not only your content, but the date of the publication as well. This simple change will boost your search traffic almost instantly.


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