Content Marketing Study: GoPro

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There are many great content marketing examples out in the world. One of the most famous success stories is that of GoPro. If you don’t know what a GoPro is, it’s an action camera you can mount on a helmet, drone, car, plane or anything else that lets you record unique perspectives never before seen! The pictures and videos are taken in either 4K or high definition 1080p.

GoPro has all the aspects of an incredible self sustaining content marketing plan that creates excitement and an urge among people to share their experiences…

“Think It. See It. Do It.”

These are the words located on the GoPro About Us page directly from the Founder and CEO of the company.

A GoPro camera gives you a first-person view of the person recording, among other views wherever you decide to mount it.

It works great for going on adventures and for extreme sports. While watching someone do a 1080 on a snowboard looks incredible, imagine if you could see it from that person’s perspective first hand – with the GoPro, you can see what it would be like to go off huge jumps, sky dive, parachute, interact with animals in the wild, hike, rock climb, kayak, ride a high speed motorcycle and everything else in between.

The content is in the hands of the people who have a GoPro and some of the results are simply incredible.

So how is this a great content marketing plan?

Whether it’s a professional snowboarder or lifelong adventurer there will always be content to create and share. If you head over to the GoPro YouTube channel you’ll see a series of videos called “GoPro Awards” that show off the best videos taken by people who have a GoPro.

If you have millions of people using a GoPro to document their adventures, you’re going to get some amazing videos that have never before been seen.

If other people see what you can do with a GoPro, they will naturally want to re-create it. It creates a natural form of marketing through real-life action adventure testimonials.

If someone takes an amazing video with their GoPro they will naturally want to share it with their friends on social media. When someone asks them how it was made, they will say, “GoPro.” There may be some people who see it and want to one-up the original image or video.

It’s social proof on a massive scale with millions of people involved. Once people take one amazing photo or video that generates hundreds of likes they will want to make more. “Likes” have a very powerful effect on the person who receives them and also the people who see that many likes on someone elses profile.

The genius of GoPros content marketing plan is that it’s a self sustaining content marketing plan. They hardly have to invest anything into it as other people will continuously share their GoPro experience across all social media platforms whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, SnapChat, Tumblr or something else.

If you’ve ever created content you understand how difficult this is to do. Creating content and sharing it are two different skill sets. Just because someone reads or sees your content and enjoys it doesn’t mean they will automatically share it.

There needs to be some sort of incentive for someone to take action. The incentive for someone with a GoPro is part ego and part excitement. If you do something crazy and fun you want people to know about it. Sharing a picture like that gives people a clue to your personality and what kind of person you may be.

GoPro is a fun way to capture and share lifes most amazing moments. The high definition and 4K capabilites assure that you can create some truly stunning content.

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