The Key to Ranking Your Local Business in Google

Innovative Denver SEO agency pros confirm that when it comes to any local SEO strategy, an essential first step is to claim and verify the registration of your local business with Google My Business. Using GMB can prove to be very helpful for increasing your chances of appearing in Google Local Finder, Local Pack, Google Maps, and organic rankings in general. Eligible local businesses can apply for this registration for free and include information about their business, such as address, phone number, working hours, types of payment etc.

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Many local companies claim their GMB listing but soon forget about it, although there are a number of features that Google offers to optimize your listing and ranking your local business.


  • If you organize an event (such as a webinar or a seminar), you can create an Event Post using a date, as well as start and end time, then add the link to the registration page.
  • Do you have a sale, during a certain period of the year? Create a “Sale” Event Post.
  • Do you have an interesting blog post? Add a short description and a link to it.
  • Do you have a new product you want to present? Display an image of it and post information about where people can make the purchase.
  • Do you want to spread the joy of the holidays? Post a specific message.

2021 Trends for Small Business

The COVID-19 crisis has redefined the functioning of economies and societies, but at the same time, it has been the basis for a set of innovations that have emerged in these conditions and are expected to define the next decade.

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Trends that will shape small business in 2021 include:

  1. Collective change: The way we work, buy, learn, socialize, educate and care for our health has changed for many of us, and small businesses need to look for new ways and offer new experiences to interact with people.
  2. Do-it-yourself innovation: Everyone wants better solutions, and the era in which a brand was expected to come up with solutions is in transition to one in which brands create new conditions aimed at personal innovation.
  3. The contract between the employer and the employee changes, starting from many situations that have arisen due to the pandemic – for example, who decides what people wear in their own homes, during a video call related to work, or who is responsible for ensuring the right of employees to privacy.
  4. Fluid infrastructure: As the way people purchase products and relate to services has changed radically, small businesses need to develop their agility and resilience so that they can adapt quickly to change. Changes are expected to continue in the future, often driven by sustainability.
  5. Challenging empathy: People care more and more about how brands express their values. Therefore, small businesses must make an effort to manage the stories that their brands tell, to prioritize the topics and behaviors that matter most.

Let knowledgeable Denver SEO companies, like Get Found Fast, create a customer focused marketing and branding strategy for your business.

Customer Touch-points You May Be Missing

A customer touch-point is any sort of interaction with existing and potential customers before, during and after the purchase and it consists of all the places and times where and when your audience come into contact with your brand.

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The first things that you need to do to determine whether you maximize your use of touch-points is to make a list with the actual points of contact. Use three columns – one for the touch-points before purchase, one column for the points during the purchase and one for the points after the purchase. Pioneering Denver SEO company GFF customer support reps tell us that the most common touch-points will include social media, online ratings, reviews and testimonials, catalogs, meetings in your physical store, purchases through your website, contact through your sales staff, community involvement, billing and contact with your help center or with your help center. There are certain points that many marketers miss, so check your list to see if it includes the following: welcome emails sent to new subscribers, thank you cards to acknowledge purchases, invites to inform your subscribers about upcoming events and up-sell promotions. If you have also missed these points and you consider them suitable for your marketing strategy in some form, figure out how to include them, too.

The Marketer’s Guide to Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is practically the extent to which consumers are familiar with a particular brand of services or goods and the extent to which they link that service or product to an image or a specific quality level and specific values. Brand awareness can take many forms, such as linking the brand’s logo to a specific product or linking the brand logo and the product name to a particular level of quality, but whatever the form, brand awareness is essential for success of any product.

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Brand awareness is not built overnight – it takes good strategy, patience, good graphic design and, of course, an excellent product or service. Building such awareness is a long-term project that can take anywhere from 3 months to over a year, in some cases even much more. The process should start with an analysis of the targeted audience – knowing what that audience likes, what they resonate with will determine all the further decisions. The next step should be the development and the launching of a strategy built on the results of the target group analysis. Diligent Denver SEO companies can help you design and track your campaign to ensure maximum efficiency. That permanent attention being the only way to detect elements that do not deliver the expected results and to replace unsuccessful components with better ones.

Tips for Writing a Great Online Review

tips from GFF for writing a quality online review

Writing a great online review might not seem like a very difficult task – after all, you only have to formulate your opinion about a product or a service, then publish the text. However, a well-written online review follows very specific rules – Get Found Fast marketing specialists at offer some guidelines below about how you can make your text really useful:

  • Make your feedback constructive – your review should be fair, describing positive as well as negative features (every product and service has some of either). If you can propose solutions, include them, too;
  • Be polite – even negative feedback can be formulated in a way that does not hurt anyone, so make your positive and negative reviews equally polite;
  • Don’t include personal info, such as names;
  • Check and double-check that the URLs and the facts that you provide in your review are accurate – a reliable review must contain reliable information;
  • Be specific – it is not a good idea to provide only a general assessment of a company’s products or services. A good review is about a specific product or service, about a specific situation, so make sure that you speak only about that and don’t jump to unfounded conclusions;
  • Proofread your review before publishing – typos and grammar mistakes are embarrassing to leave in your text and will ruin your reputation as a good writer, too.

Strategies to Improve Online Brand Management

Your brand is not just a logo. It is the image of what consumers think about it. The way they form their opinion about your brand can determine them to become customers. But before a potential customer can form an opinion about your brand, they must know it. It takes interaction to create that sense of connection with a brand. This is where the online brand management comes into play. From a strategic point of view, this implies the harmonious combination of two elements: the efforts to increase the presence of your company and the constant actions to strengthen its reputation in the online environment. Denver SEO experts help with brand management

Maintaining a brand management strategy is demanding; it requires time and resources to create relevant content, respond to reviews and monitor your brand online. These responsibilities should not be left in the hands of business owners, or worse, of a single marketing manager, but they require the allocation of resources and the creation of a marketing budget, in order to be able to work with a true Denver SEO expert.

In addition, there is a misconception, common among business owners, that brand management investments lead to an immediate return. Building a brand is a marathon. To create positive and lasting brand recognition, a long-term strategy is required, with a well-established budget and a healthy dose of patience.

Why Online Reviews are Important

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When internet users search for products, services and information, most of them don’t stop at the first website on the results page – they check out multiple providers of the products and services that they need and they evaluate them based on many factors, including what other people say in online reviews. Online reviews are among the most powerful points of reference for internet users today – if a company’s products and services are great and reliable, the reviews will provide evidence of that and if there are points of improvement, the reviews will also reveal what those cons are.

The ratings given to companies are used not only by potential customers – they are also used by search engines to determine the ranking of the company’s website on results pages. This means that, beside the fact that most internet users would turn only to companies that have very high star ratings, a company that gets lots of favourable reviews will have more chance to win new customers and o increase its revenue through sales.

Online reviews reveal a lot about the expectations of customers toward a specific company, therefore the reviews are valuable for the company because they can also be used by the company reviewed for identifying points for improvement.

Let Get Found Fast make sure your company receives the positive recognition and ranking status it deserves.

Managing Your Online Image: How to Brand Your Business Most Effectively

When you’re running a business in this day and age, you simply can’t ignore your online image. Although it’s not a good idea to judge a book by its covers, many people tend to buy their products and services based on the brand that they are familiar with. As a result, it’s no surprise that large businesses that handle their online images well tend to get the most exposure and the most sales.

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As an aspiring business owner, you don’t necessarily have to pay an army of people to come up with large marketing campaigns for your brand and get your logo imprinted on people’s retinas. Instead, coordinating efforts with a boutique brand management Denver SEO company to manage your online image, you can achieve essentially the same results.

The key is to create your online image around the most essential benefits that your business provides. If you’re selling shoes, think of what will your most satisfied customers be benefited by the most. Maybe it’s a perfect fit, maybe it’s comfort; or maybe it’s just the class and style of the shoes you’re selling.

Regardless of what you want to focus on the most, it’s important to build your main selling point around it, and, in turn, create a striking online image around your selling point. That way, you stand the best chance of creating an online image that actually promotes the real life benefits that you will be providing.

The Main Advantages of Hiring an SEO Agency for Promoting Your Website and Business

SEO agencies can help a lot when it comes to establishing your initial website or blog, and making sure you can get your point across to the right audience. Most people these days look for what they want online by accessing a search engine like Google or Bing, and if you want your business to get noticed, you will need a website with the right SEO optimization, so it can show up in internet users’ search results.

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Of course, this is actually more of an advantage of using SEO, whether you hire an agency for it or not. But how can Denver SEO companies help you do things you can’t do on your own when it comes to search engine optimization?

The first thing we need to mention here is that SEO is a complex process involving modifications not only to your written content and blogging practices, but also to your website’s code. Onsite SEO often features the modification of HTML tags and design elements to fit into the standard that most of the large search engines demand when it comes to providing a higher ranking.

Also, aside from taking on a large portion of the workload required for helping you rank high in SERPs, SEO agencies have excellent tools for tracking results and feedback, and ensuring that the right methods are used to tweak your SEO campaigns, so you’ll get the best results over the long haul.

The Role of an SEO Account Manager

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The Denver SEO agency account manager is an individual who is responsible for optimizing the search results for the client websites that are being promoted through digital techniques. The account manager is likely to have education in the field of marketing, especially digital marketing and possesses in-depth knowledge of the techniques available for achieving the customer’s digital advertising goals, is able to select the marketing mix that best suits those goals and will manage the implementation of the SEO strategy.

Your SEO account manager will come up with various methods to use to make your company website appear in the top ten or on the first page of results pages on the search engines of choice. The tools that your account manager is likely to recommend will include tactics in the field of pay-per-clock advertising, content marketing methods that use e-mails, articles, posts shared through blogs and forums, social media advertising and other link building strategies. The account manager will also monitor the efficiency of your SEO campaign by regularly checking the metrics retrieved based on the key performance indicators determined during the campaign planning and development phase. In case one or several of the marketing tactics used in your strategy don’t deliver the expected results, your SEO manager will also make recommendations regarding the replacement of those components with more efficient ones.