Building Your Visual Brand for Internet Marketing

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As we’ve discussed before, the breadth of social media  and internet can have a positive impact on your business.

However, it’s important to note that just being “active” on your page(s) isn’t enough.  In order for your internet marketing to truly make its mark, it takes real time and effort to establish your brand and stand out amongst the competition.

There are a few ways to do this, but for now let’s focus on your visual brand for your overall online presence and digital content marketing.

Why should your visual branding take precedence?

Well, in our increasingly digitized world–with its decreasing attention span and millions of businesses vying for that attention–it’s more important than ever to create a lasting presence for your followers. The most effective way to do that is to take advantage of the fact that photos make up more than 90 percent of the most engaging posts on Facebook, and roughly half of the most engagement on Twitter.

Your visual branding on any social media platform begins with consistency. Consistency in your posts will help your customer base recognize you no matter what platform you’re using, and it will begin to establish a positive physiological reaction as people associate your brand with their needs.

How do you make sure you’re consistent? Here are a few simple ways:



This may seem like a given, but you’d be surprised how little color consistency factors into many marketing strategies.

Your social media color palette should begin with your logo and your website. You’ve spent countless hours perfecting your brand identity through them, so it just makes sense that you put as much focus as you can on the colors you’ve chosen, right?

One successful example of this is Coca-Cola. The main color they use is their classic red. You’ll see it throughout almost every image they post across their platforms. It’s also right there on top of each landing page they have.


We say “almost,” because they do branch out when they create different campaigns.  For example, their new Coca-Cola Life uses a green label, so they smartly followed suit when they’re promoting it.

You’ll find this same approach used for a random roofing company, where the blue from their website and logo…

…goes into the posts created for their Facebook page:

Another example we found was that AdvantaClean’s orange and blue is consistent from their corporate websites…

..to their posts on Facebook and Twitter:


Speaking of campaigns, what do you do when you have a few different campaigns at any one time?

This is when consistent design becomes important.

McDonald’s marketing has begun to rely less on their classic yellow and red color scheme, and has moved toward a consistent design that emphasizes the many colors and logo that you find on their packaging.

The design of your visual brand is reflected in the types of images you share. For instance, if a major focus of your social media is on educating your customers, infographics or images that communicate your message should be consistently created. If a main focus is on sharing the awesome reviews you get from customers, engaging images that showcase those reviews should be regularly shared on your pages.

Here are examples from posts found from Independence Aviation…

…and Music Go Round:


No matter what kind of image you decide to focus on, the fonts you incorporate on those images will say as much about your visual brand as the color and design.

The best way to stay consistent on your image posts for your social media is to pick two or three fonts that you will use throughout your posts. Typically, you will have one main font that you will use for body text, one you will use to emphasize bolder points–such as your website, event titles, etc.–and one that you reserve for quotes or fun text. The body and emphasis fonts should be very easy to read, while the fun text one should be just that: fun.

Some examples of how your font choices can be used:


Sometimes one of the easiest ways to stay consistent is by establishing a style through certain filters for your images.

Filters can be tricky when you start using them. The filter you use should be complementary to the theme of the image and the mood you want to communicate. A great example of this is the golden filter Corona uses on its photos to make each feel more like summer.

Once you find that filter, the design platform Canva makes it easy to apply to your other images by giving you a filter code that you can apply to each post you create thereafter.

If you don’t want to rely on filters, just picking a great theme to focus on can be just as effective.

DMD Builders’ use of windows is a great example of this. The theme has been more than windows. There’s something optimistic in the amount of sunshine we found in their images and visual brand:

While all of this seems very technical, working through the correct and most effective choices for your visual brand is one of the more fun aspects of Social Media management.

It takes time to create your brand identity across multiple platforms, but the payoff is worth it as more people begin to recognize your logo and color palette from posts their friends have ‘liked’ and ‘shared.’ If you feel you may need help with this, feel free to contact us for a free digital content analysis.



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