Branding and your Digital Foot Print

Oct 4, 2019SEO0 comments

Why my client quit when she was number one in Google

Why would you fire your Denver SEO company when they got you from page nowhere to #1 in Google in a very competitive sector?

There is only one reason.  No Leads.

Ever since your rank in Google became a thing, we have been told “if you are not on page one you are on page none”

“Page 2 on Google….good place to hide dead bodies”

“Only 4% of searchers go past page 1”

Yes, getting on top of the Google results is the thing…but is it the only thing?

For my Mortgage company client it was not.  There she sat, high atop the SERP, ahead of all the big banks and high profile lenders only to quit because no one was calling.  It was not generating leads.  Why?

She had a peculiar name and no one ever heard of her.

Are you really going to take out a $250,000 loan on your new house from a company called “The Lending Lady”?  Probably not.  Even if you are #1 in Google.

That is where Branding and traditional media comes into play.

more than just denver seo is needed


There are still 12-15 results on page one of any given search.  The tendency is for a user to scan down the results page

and they will intuitively land on and click the one they have at least heard of.  Maybe they saw a TV ad, heard a radio commercial or got a direct mail piece or saw the logo on the side of a truck.  Whatever the mechanism, familiarity breeds credibility.

Yes, page on Google is key, but SEO alone is not a marketing plan.  You must build credibility via brand awareness.  Otherwise you risk sitting home alone waiting for the phone to ring, like the Lending lady.


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