Are Heatmaps Helpful?

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Denver SEO expert can improve your marketing strategy Heatmaps are a graphic representation of information in which values are indicated by colors. These colors include red, green, orange or yellow and they are semi-transparent. The intensity of these colors depends on the user’s interaction with that particular website, but also on his/her attention focus and eye movement. All these can be determined by using eye-tracking tools, replay session tools or accumulated clicks on links.

However, the variation in screen resolution can cause heatmaps to be less accurate, which results in misleading estimates about customers’ behavior and preferences on websites. Heatmaps are easier to discern and distinguish than numbers, and because of that many people consider them to be quite useful.

The most helpful thing about heatmaps is the fact that they can identify trends and tendencies quite easily and rapidly. They can communicate essential data to viewers in no time.

Heatmaps can be used in a wide variety of situations. They can help you determine the basic points of interest in a short period of time, helping people understand where there is a need for changes and improvements.

There are many heatmaps adaptations that can also be of good help to users, including retail matrix, diagrams, population maps, and so on.

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