Another Google Core Algorithm Update?

Jan 19, 2016SEO0 comments

Google Penguin

Just one week ago rankings were fluctuating up and down leaving the SEO community scratching their heads. Most thought Google Penguin Update was here but Google dispelled those rumors saying it’s just a core algorithm update and “not Penguin.”

With rankings currently in disarray and as SEO’s wait in anticipation Google released another core algorithm update just this past weekend. That makes two in the past two weeks. With Penguin finally set to release early this year search engine optimization professionals are left wondering how this will effect their own updates and their clients updates.

Google has yet to comment on these most recent updates. All they have done is confirmed that they are happening and that they are not Penguin related.

We will release more information as it comes out as well as information as to how it will effect your rankings positively or negatively.

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